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Ravi Prakash

Owner at Ravi Prakash Architect
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This small weekend house is an escape for a small urban family in their home town where they will spend quality time over weekends and vacations away from the city. The narrow plot in a densely occupied street was a challenge so going vertical was the only option. The contemporary design with a minimal approach with clean lines and elegant details makes the house stand out from other while remaining contained in the given context. The attraction however is the staircase block location in the front (S-W) of house. Instead treating it like a conventional staircase block we rather tried to go off grid and made it appear like a collage of randomly placed windows with un even sizes. The simplicity of the house speaks for itself and somehow the scale of the house turns out to be irrelevant to the beauty of house. - Ravi Prakash Architect, Jaipur

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