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10 Best Courtyards and Terraces - Inspiring Ideas on TFOD

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on March 24, 2015 at 01:48 PM

The chhat and the aangan, two quintessentially Indian architectural elements, where families gather and communities meet to observe and celebrate life in company! That wonderful interstitial space which is neither in nor out, helping in a smooth transition from private to public. A comforting buffer between the outside and inside. A ‘go to’ place when you don’t want to be inside, but don’t care to go out either. Traditionally it’s the place for processing pickles and papads or spending lazy summer evenings listening to grandma’s stories. Historically it’s the area where harems could experience the outdoors without going out. Or chieftains and landlords could hold court. Today, it’s the best place in the house to share a cup of tea with your family, entertain guests with drinks or plan events, for kids to do homework, play, dance or paint. We take a look here, at some wonderful contemporary terraces and courtyards by designers on the TFOD Galleries

© Courtesy of https://www.tfod.in/iStudioArchitecture-Projects-1141-Brick_House

Terrace at BMR Grand Central by Salil Ranadive: image 2

A casual, cool semi outdoor area created on the south terrace of the office building designed by Ar. Salil Ranadive for BMR Advisors in Mumbai, perhaps a relieving space from the official formality inside. It is shaded by trees and a partial canopy stretching out over its entire length, with a spiral staircase leading through the canopy, adding sculptural interest. The casually styled furniture adds to ‘relief value’ such a space would have in an office building. 

Zen garden on open terrace of residence in Vadodara by Dipen Gada: images 3, 4

Dipen Gada's tranquil Zen garden created on a terrace of the sprawling Amin Bungalow in Vadodara, this interstice is a definite ‘go to’ place after a hectic work day in a fast-paced world. Its clean lines and minimal elements are sure to de-clutter the most chaotic mental state, absorbing one into its effusive calm.

Terrace restaurant at Double Tree by Hilton in Pune by Ketan Jawdekar: image 5

Offering a stadium view of the city on account of split levels, the restaurant on the level 12 terrace at the Double Tree by Hilton done by Ar. Ketan Jawdekar in verdant Pune comes across as endearingly quaint. Reminiscent of the deck of a ship, the bright navy blue and white combination of the woven textured furniture sits on what looks like a harsh cement tiled floor, set against lantern like light posts which get reflected from a linear water body

Mount Litera School by iStudio architecture: images 6, 7

Designed by iStudio Architecture, a series of interlinked courtyards in a school in Bhatinda offer wonderful vistas for exploring inside outside spaces. All the little classroom courtyards get linked to the main courtyard along the length of the building to create a continuous green. 

Elevated Courtyard at house in Bangalore by Gaurav Roy Chaudhury: image 8

A terrace, it would seem, referred to as a courtyard by virtue of having many windows and door of the house looking in on it. Also, perhaps, due to the paving, water body and flowering plants lending the courtyard feel. The bright red exposed brickwork wall and bright white paint on the railings doors and windows that surround this space lend it a cool freshness. Designed by Gaurav Roy Choudhury, in Bangalore.

Jungle Courtyard at Ekya Early Years in Bangalore by Collective Project: image 9

Designed by Collective Project, an external corridor of the Ekya Early Years School projects into the garden to form an ideal space for kids to attend fun outdoor classes. Low height benches and platforms along with cushion seats that kids carry provide ample seating. The fun, of course, doubles when the surrounding garden is fashioned like a forest complete with statues of all kinds of animals. 

Terrace with sit-out at a Penthouse in Vadodara by Dipen Gada: images 10, 11

The bright white and leaf green of the canopy and comfortable seating compliments the lush green of the lawn and bushes perfectly. The soothing and refreshing feel of this sit out seems to be ideal to rejuvenate spirits and calm your senses at the end of a work day. Share tea and snacks with family, dine out on a moonlit night or throw it open to guests at your party, this space - in the home by Dipen Gada - fits all the events. 

Terrace at the Villa in the Sky in Mumbai by KNS Architects: images 12, 13

A beautiful space designed by KNS Architects for a duplex apartment! A Zen style water body, a bar counter, lounger, table and seats under an umbrella, are all placed along the length of the passage deck that skirts the external wall of the residence. This sit out literally wraps the villa with an elongated, plush semi-open space, turning a boring long passage into a luxurious sanctuary. And all this all the more wonderful to have, in a high-rise block in the heart of Mumbai!

Terrace garden in Tree House, Vadodara by Dipen Gada: image 14

Its Dipen Gada - once again! With a warm, traditional ambience rendered with contemporary minimals, this terrace garden would be on everyone’s wish list for their home. Avoiding an unnecessary ‘plush quotient’, the use of all natural materials enhances its warmth.

Courtyard at Brick House in Wada by iStudio architecture: images 1, 15, 16

Signing off this piece with the impressive images of a lovely rustic courtyard which brings the outdoors as much into the structure as the structure itself merges into the surrounding landscape. A perfect yin ‘n’ yang dance between the inside and outdoors - by iStudio Architecture.

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