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TFOD Profile Of The Week: Hiren Patel and Dhara Tank Patel, Saar Interior Design, Baroda

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on July 26, 2016 at 04:54 PM

In an age of minimalist whites and muted browns trending all over the world, some designers take to the colour palette with a vengeance! Adeptly swirling in splashes and strokes of vibrant colours, Baroda-based Saar Interior Design’s work surprises with its bold explorations. The young designer couple Hiren Patel and Dhara Tank Patel win this week’s TFOD Profile Of The Week!

© Courtesy of Saar Interior Design, Baroda

Legendary Architect Louis Kahn’s famous quote "Design is not making beauty, Beauty emerges from Selection, Affinities, Integration and Love” – is the philosophy that Saar Interior Design is founded on.

Designers need to be on their toes, all the time. It’s always a tough call to take – when posed with the vagaries of client aspirations, budget constraints, aesthetic choices and personal sensibilities – about what design solution to deliver for a given site, and project type.

Residential interiors often throw up the most challenging situations – as one needs to cater to several opinions, personalities and whimsicalities. And it also gives designers more opportunities to explore, experiment, and learn! Though some designers steer clear of homes for the extensive personalised discussions and numerous hassles they perceive, others show an innate flair for catering to homeowners' sensibiltiies!

Saar Interior Design is a one-stop design firm that provides a range of interior design solutions for residential and commercial spaces. The design team at Saar Interior Design is committed to creating spaces that provide an elevating experience to the users/occupants of the space. The key to a successful space design is in knowing what kind of experience should be created in a home, vis-à-vis a store, and vis-à-vis an office! 

“Spaces that inspire minds and lives” – that’s what Saar Interior Design wishes to create. “Our mission is to understand our client's dreams and to make the process enjoyable. We begin each project, not by dictating how we work, but rather by asking what clients want to achieve.” 

Keeping the focus on high functionality, engaging ambience, well-articulated interiors and precise execution, the designers place utmost value on the client's budget.  Therefore, cost becomes an important design tool, eliminating budget overruns.

This practical approach to delivering satisfying interior solutions to their clients is certainly working for the young designers at Saar!  We, at TFOD – The Future Of Design – wish the team at Saar Interior Design the very best in their design journey ahead!

Designer : Saar Interior Design, Baroda
Photography :Courtesy the designers

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