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TFOD Profile Of The Week: Ar. Dhruva Samal, Mumbai

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on January 06, 2017 at 05:43 PM

The young and talented Mumbai-based architect Dhruva Samal once again claims the coveted TFOD Profile Of The Week! The passionate designer is an explorer at heart; in a continuous search for new ideas and innovations. Back with a bang on TFOD – with an amazing new residential project, the spotlight this week had to be on Dhruva Samal

© Courtesy of Ar. Dhruva Samal, Mumbai

Dhruva Samal & Associates is a Mumbai-based design studio, with an impressive portfolio encompassing varied design sectors such as retail, hospitality, corporate and residential. The architect’s basic philosophy is to ‘keep it simple’ – and his interior projects do reflect that simplicity and integrity.  After graduating as an architect, Dhruva got a Masters in Architecture from Virginia Tech, USA in 2005 and has five years of professional experience in New York City. After a brief work experience with Nozer Wadia Associates, he established his own studio.  

Dhruva believes in the link between research and design; and also enjoys teaching. Travel, music and photography are his other passions; and these often see him touring the world, or shaking a leg at music concerts, or viewing the world through the lens of his camera! His philosophy about photography entails “not only seeking the perfect shot, but also constantly looking at the big picture” – a philosophy which he also applies to his designing: how to best integrate what he sees and capture the essence of it into his work.

Crazy about design innovation of all kinds, Dhruva feasts on a diverse range of design products, tools and accessories from around the world. Each journey he takes, in the real or virtual world stimulates his creative thinking; and manifests in his next design project. All his passions and hobbies inspire him to create good design – and with his natural flair for understanding people; Dhruva delivers design solutions that are tailored to suit and satisfy the clients’ specific needs.

Very often, we are faced with situations where the designer’s own philosophy/aesthetic preferences mask the client’s personality and aspirations – but Dhruva Samal handles this most effectively by building his own concept around the client and the site. Of course, his design sensibilities then guide the décor process; but the interior reflects the client’s personality in a home, or enhances the products displayed in a retail outlet or creates an inviting ambience in a restaurant!

Dhruva’s work has been widely published in important publications such as Inside Outside and TFOD, and his photography skills have even won him prestigious awards!  Very recently, his work has been featured in id.interior, an international design magazine published from Ukraine! 

With his talent and dedication, we at TFOD see Ar. Dhruva Samal scale greater heights – and wish him well on the creative journey ahead!

Designer : Ar. Dhruva Samal, Mumbai
Photography :Ar. Dhruva Samal, Mumbai

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