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TFOD Profile Of The Week: Shane Re, Artist, Bengaluru

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on 7 days ago

With Shan Re, a versatile Bengaluru-based artist, we continue celebrating woman power on TFOD! Exploring a wide array of subjects and genres, Shan’s paintings are lyrical reflections of her subconscious thoughts, feelings, fantasies, hopes and memories. Her works have found pride of place in several private and corporate collections across the world. TFOD wishes the talented artist a colourful journey ahead...

© Courtesy of Shan Re on TFOD

Reverberating with a sense of peace, positivity and joy, Shan Re’s paintings come across as dynamic and exuberant yet tranquil and meditative. Though immersed in deep silence they communicate with the viewer through the magical pictorial language that emerges out of renditions of colour on canvas.

“My artistic journey has been all about unlocking and unraveling my psyche through creative expression. I travelled through the inner depths of my psyche to discover the essence of life,” muses Shan. “My inspiration comes from the core of my inner silence. In that mysterious silence creativity flows through me. I believe that silence is the most beautiful voice...it is not the absence of sound; it is the presence of meaning. Colour is the silent language in my paintings. Colour is the flow of my energy and emotion. All my thoughts, feelings, fantasies, memories, dreams and hopes escape into pure colour. Colour is the dynamic visual language through which I communicate with my viewer. I choose my colour by its resonance not based on reasoning. Colour has a healing magic and touches your heart, impacts your nerves. Colour appeals to me in the highest possible way. Every drop of colour is a word written on the canvas and each work of mine can be considered a complete poem in itself.”

However for Shan, the process of creative self-exploration started in the process of dealing with some emotional pain. “I turned to art while I was healing. It helped me to unleash my creative flow, and gave courage to face the pain, confront core issues, and move forward with a greater understanding. My vibrational psychic energy is incredibly powerful and a vital force in my creative process,” she explains.

The creative journey that she began in the year 2000 has seen her traverse through her soul, and enabled her to explore her inner self. Art has enriched her spiritually, helping her understand the meaning of life. “It is all about spiritual ascent...inner vibration of pure self, inner harmony, reshaping thoughts, hopes, renewal, rebirth, and transformation,” says the artist. The positivity and exuberance emanating from her work are actually the reflections of her mind, because she believes in the power of positive thinking. “When we think positively by replacing negative thoughts consciously; we feel alive, more engaged, energetic and productive. By being optimistic and balancing our emotions we can remain unaffected in the face of both success and failure; love and hatred; pain and pleasure. This is the essence of what I continuously strive to convey in my work,” claims Shan. “My work is a reminder how positive spirit brings joy and hope to the challenges of human experience. My paintings evoke a sense of peace and help you to revitalise the stream of your consciousness.”

Her paintings touch a variety of subjects, and explore different genres too.  From mystical to minimalist, she uses geometry, florals, abstracts and line drawings in her work. Colour, however, remains the strongest aspect of her work, lending it a depth of character and identity. “I lose myself in the flow of creation, and the whole process is very rewarding and stimulating; an incredible experience of pure bliss. My journey so far has been remarkable and truly memorable. I think my inner fire is what keeps me going.”

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