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As India marches forward as a vibrant democracy and strives to find a place amongst the comity of Great nations, it must ensure for its citizens, social and economic equity. • Its institutions must grow and rise to the complex challenges of a large and diverse nation. • It must ensure that non - violence and civil discourse are the prime tools for dispute resolution. • It must ensure that the justice system is sovereign, fair and applies firmly, equally and expeditiously to all and reaffirm the supremacy of righteousness and fair play. • It must ensure that the capacity of adjudication is upscale to meet the growing and expansive needs of India to ensure social justice, civil justice and gender justice is real for all alike In keeping with these principles,The Delhi high court embarked on an ambitious plan in 2013 to increase capacity by 40 percent in four years and 60 percent by 2020. A broad master plan was created that envisioned a combination of redevelopment, building afresh on unbuilt land and reallocation of functions within the existing built form. The architects were cognizant of the special context in which the High Court is sited, in the heart of Lutyens Delhi, an adjunct to Sher-Shah’s vintage – Khair-ul-manzil and set aside a fairly modern high court building designed by architect Benjamin in the 1970s. The task was to somehow create a visual vocabulary that could bridge 500 years of discordance with a harmonious note.

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