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When Ar. Anoj Tevatia talks about his recent designs for affordable housing, he is all praise for the central government, specially the Prime Minister’s jibe with ‘Housing for all’ scheme that sets ambitious goals of providing some 8 million households by 2020. While there remains a lot of scepticism around the quality of the products, relegating such visions as hyperboles, there are the likes of Tevatia that have taken an initiative to use their experience to enhance the capacity of their practices to re-orient themselves to the changing market trends and find housing solutions that resonate well within the needs and desires of country’s common populace. His firm, design forum international is involved in design and construction of a lot of affordable housing projects in Delhi-NCR. The real estate in such dense agglomerations is balanced on a fine line between land value, project cost and ticket price. Here, design forum international incorporates affordability by utilizing building automation and information modelling to deliver housing projects within a year, with evidently better built quality and facilities. These projects are an effort to sustain the rising demands for good apartments amongst the lower middle class, a trend that is engulfing the real estate of all tier 1 cities. Amongst, one of his housing projects is Safa Valley that strikes as a design programme not built for sustenance but change.

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