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SmileWorks Dental Clinic

The main aspect of the brief was to use the client’s personality, which in this case was a vibrant young doctor, as a base for our design and to optimise the small area into a highly functional and sleek space for her to work in. We started with the mathematical bit of planning wherein we decided to break the rectangular space into the three main areas; the reception, Doctors Cabin & the Operatory (which needed 2 operation chairs as well!) Every furniture piece in the clinic has been designed to optimise space and every square inch of space has been utilised for storage but at the same time use of wire frame based furniture design helped us to provide lightness to the space. Timeless materials or finishes like veneer combined with glass & mirrored surfaces helped enhance the look further. The space harmony is achieved by interaction of pleasant character of different natural materials and glass. The facade design not only adds to the recall value for future and existing patients but also helps maintain the privacy for the client while allowing light inside. We only had one wall with natural light and while maximising the light was necessary, the privacy for patients also becomes a major factor while design. To strike a balance between the two we came up with a design of louvers which were placed at an angle such that the people walking towards the clinic cannot see anyone inside. This idea helped us to play around with complimenting signage’s and internal furniture designs.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress


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