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The client was an unusual one for Usine. His firm insistence, that his house must curate and celebrate art at every turn, coupled with his complete disregard for superficial elements. When they set hands upon this project the casting stage of the columns and slabs had already been executed. So they were supposed to take a raw framework and weave about it a house that breathes in art and nature alike. An exurban location for a residence may easily lead one into thinking less of the probable challenges. This project surely proved otherwise; the scenic site situated 8 km, away from the constant bustle of Vadodara city happened to be abutted by the Nalanda Internaional School. This meant that there shall be sporadic outbursts of boisterous kids, right before and after the school timings. The unmetalled road that lets about 165 buses ply each day on this route, twice, did not make it any easier. The designers thus spent an extensive amount of time in attempting at solutions to keep the noise and the dust out and away from the house, and in rephrasing the language of the concrete framework, which was a given. They employed triply glazed, full length glass units in a closely worked out manner. The house is austere when it comes to embellishments. This is evident because the focus was on acquiring art pieces and then creating spaces that could revere them. The exterior is clean, strong and devoid of any cladding. The entry that leads to the noble yet almost-levitating frontage of t




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