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Pores 34

The residence is a 1st & 2nd-floor duplex where the planning immediately had to deal with de-cluttering the place as to bring in open plate structure and let the house breathe, to rejuvenate again after so many years. The family had expanded & hence the place had to be expanded. It was a challenge because of the limitations the old structure had, but with careful study of the structure, we were eventually able to dismantle the walls we did not need. Dismantling was even more tiresome, as there was a lot of stone presence at every face of the internal areas of the house, including stone domes, wall claddings , etc. The lower floor has a living room, a lounge adjacent to a double height lobby, a kitchen overlooking the dining area, a powder room, master bedroom with a walk-in dress leading to an attached toilet. A terrace cum courtyard has been pulled inside to touch the inner parts of the floor, which also can be opened up completely to become a part of the master bedroom. As you enter the house, a giant white wall of JALI greets you with a suspense as it beholds the space behind it, while leading one's eyes to the upper floor, creating an innate connection between the floors. The jali acts as a partition between the Dining & the Lobby which then travels vertically to become the Railing on the first floor. This was made using wooden frames holding square laser cut MDF boards especially painted in white duco, for letting its pattern do the drama.

Dining Close-up

Dining Table + Reflected Ceiling


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