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Perched atop the 11th floor of an apartment complex, was this penthouse, which the Sadariyas called their home. Mr. Sadariya, a businessman and Mrs. Sadariya, a homemaker, with their two sons, together make an easygoing and calm-loving family who would choose a subtle yet effervescent aesthetic over any kind of an overstatement. So when they zeroed in on Usine, the team’s objective was to give them a house that imbues a subtle luxury; something that is pleasant as well as practical without the weight of extravagance. The place was conceptualized such that all the sharing spaces of the house, the living room, the dining space, and the courtyard are always in clear visual connect with one another allowing them to be capable of accommodating more people by becoming one large area dedicated to the gathering. The rest of the personal spaces were detailed with a delicate opulence laid into a decided color palette.


The living room and the dining space have a subtle, subdued character against the double height courtyard, which is celebrated as the highlight. These spaces are divided with openable partitions. The living room is flanked with sets of rich brown, Italian sofas coupled with a neutral shade of curtains as the backdrop. This brown and white palette i


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