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Architect, Interior Designer

Anugraha- Delhi

Anugraha is a retirement home for a family of three, who have chosen to move into the bustling neighborhood in the heart of New Delhi. Envisage Projects is entrusted to redesign an existing apartment with the aim to create an oasis for themselves, where they can preserve their peace of mind away from the daily chaos. The 1200 sq ft of available space was intended to be converted into a serene abode, amidst a tight budget. Owing to indispensable civil modifications, the project was driven by the complete turnaround of an old apartment to create a hassle-free and efficient living unit, compliant with the client’s lifestyle choices and coherent to the design language that is unique to the design team’s.. The clients wanted a traditional Indian theme that would appeal to their taste; thus, Anugraha’s design manifests as a sophisticated and subtle reinterpretation of a neo-modern Indian home that is clutter-free and compact to suit the families’ needs.




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