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T FOD is a virtual platform for end-users to search and source design ideas, artworks, art and design professionals, products and services. It is conceived as a professional networking portal for the design and allied fraternity. Poised to become a single window facilitator in organizing, designing and executing all construction, architecture, interior, design and art related needs, The Future of Design aims to carry the concept of good design across all strata of society.

By giving a platform for interaction between the designer fraternity and manufacturers and suppliers of material and products, consultants, service providers, artists, students and end-users, TFOD will provide at a click of a button, brilliant décor ideas, interesting design discussions, information about and access to people, their work as well as products!

Started as an interactive community, TFOD has grown to become India's leading art and design portal with 100% original profiles and more than 4 million hits per month. From being a successful Brand of IMAP Systems Pvt Ltd. it has now evolved into a full-fledged company which goes by the name of TFOD Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. The success of TFOD and industry feedback has encouraged us to initiate an online selling platform - so watch out for updates!


Creation is the result of people with different skills coming together to implement a concept. The concept of TFOD was thus shaped and executed by a talented team of young professionals. The Future of Design™ was created to foster an environment for the melding of diverse personalities, passions, ideas and ideologies. The TFOD mantras – 'Inspiring Ideas' and 'Informative Interactive Inclusive' and 'Connect, Share & Spread' – encapsulate the fundamental need for its creation.


Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of THE FUTURE OF DESIGN™ is to provide a platform for interaction between the designer fraternity and manufacturers and suppliers of material and products, consultants, service providers, artists, students and end-users, with a view to inspire innovation in art and design through a virtual exchange of ideas and opinions.

Articles on TFOD

Articles on The Future of Design will be sourced through participating professionals contributing towards the movement, and being part of the Design Revolution! The editorial content structure includes and encompasses most of the crucial areas related to the art, architecture and design fields and fraternity - with innovation and sustainability, industry and technology, wellness and lifestyle, travel and leisure, culture and conservation - all given their due space.

We are looking for writers from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Baroda.

All practicing professionals from all art and design fields, from across the world are invited to send in their thoughts and views, ideas and articles - for the perusal of the Editorial Team. Articles on TFOD need to be sourced in specific formats - with defined word-counts and supporting images adhering to prescribed technical specifications. For more details or queries send an email to: support@tfod.in.

Articles on TFOD

Discussions on TFOD™

 Discussions on TFOD

The Future of Design™ aims to provide an interactive networking platform for professionals from art, design and allied fields to come face-to-face with manufacturers, contractors, service providers, students and end-users. Discussions on TFOD are slated to create those forums for like-minded people to connect on issues that concern them, excite them or touch them. Offered under diverse segments ranging from urban problems to decor ideas, Discussions will be anchored and guided by TeamTFOD.

All are encouraged to participate in the ongoing forums or create new ones. To post comments or questions, one needs to be a registered member and has to be logged in at the time of posting.

TFOD Gallery

The show-stopper of The Future of Design™ the Photo Galleries (of Design, Art and Allied Professionals & Contractors) will feed design and decor ideas to the masses. In the effort to promote the awareness of 'good design', TeamTFOD moderates the content uploaded by the professionals and handpicks images/ideas to be reflected in the Photo Galleries! Images in the Gallery may be "Liked" (as in 'endorsing' the work of the artist/designer/allied professional) or "Style-Filed" (as in 'filing' an idea in a scrap-book for future reference)!

TFOD Gallery

TFOD Gurus – Support & Strength

TFOD Gurus – Support & Strength

The Future of Design, positioned to change the way we ‘think’ design is incomplete without those practicing design professionals and artists who are at the helm now; or the veterans who have made indelible impressions on the scene.

Keeping this in mind and counting on their support to our dream, we have invited several extremely talented, successful and dynamic professionals to support TFOD. They would be invited to write Guest Columns on TFOD and share their views and opinions on a variety of issues across the spectrum of design. They will also guide the process of building up the editorial content of TFOD, of suggesting and anchoring design discussions, and lots more!

Among the first few architects and designers to bless the initiative are the ever-supportive Hafeez Contractor, Sanjay Puri, Rajesh Patel, Shirish Sukhatme and Sonali Shah.

Ar. Sanjay Puri was the first architect to create a Profile on and upload images of his Projects on TFOD and he has also written the first guest column 'My Page'!

Getting Started On TFOD!

Registering yourself on TFOD is a fairly simple process. Fill in the details in the Sign Up form, and you will receive a verification link on the email id provided by you. Clicking the link will ensure your enrolment process is complete.

If you are a part of the design and art fraternity, register yourself in a relevant category. Update your Profile, create Projects and upload Images of your work!

If you are a manufacturer of products or materials catering to the fields of art, architecture, design and construction, register your firm and display your Products on this vast and virtual tool, 24x7!

If you are a design enthusiast or student of art/design looking for ideas and information, register yourself, browse through the Photo Galleries.

These are hand-picked images from the designers, artists, allied professionals and contractors. You can look for designers/artists using various search-parameters such as name or location or skills. Select the images you liked to your personal Style-Files!!

Share your thoughts by participating in ongoing Discussions or start new ones on issues close to your heart… and splurge on the variety of informative Articles – all on The Future of Design™ (TFOD) - www.tfod.in!!!

Getting Started On TFOD!

TFOD For Art, Design & Professionals

  • Artists and Designers form the ‘core’ of the portal
  • Your TFOD profile provides you with a dynamic tool to showcase your talent! Create your Portfolio and keep it updated. Being extremely interactive, its ease of functionality eliminates the need to have a personal website.
  • TFOD covers all professionals including:
    1. Architects
    2. Interior Designers
    3. Artists
    4. Artisans
    5. Other Design Professionals
    6. Service Providers/Consultants
    7. Contractors
  • All Professionals can create FREE Profile, Upload Projects, Add Photos, Participate in Discussions, and Search Products from all Manufacturers/Retailers.
  • Moreover TFOD allows your photos to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media with single Click.
  • TFOD invites Professionals to CONNECT, SHARE and SPREAD.

TFOD For Manufacturers/Traders

  • TFOD aims to provide its users with latest Products Data to enable them to locate and source the right product
  • TFOD allows Manufacturers and Traders to CONNECT, SHARE & SPREAD
  • Product Catalog allows traders to reduce their cost on paper brochures while giving them easy searchable online presence.
  • Manufacturers and Traders can signup and Post Unlimited Products with Complete Details, FOR FREE.
  • Manufacturers can create their online 24 X 7 Product Catalog with detailed Product Description
  • Ease of updating Product photos and other details allows you to update your catalog anytime from anywhere
  • The product details are easily shared over Email, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media
  • Product Catalog on TFOD will minimize, if not eliminate, printed catalogs which are expensive to make and provide limited reach
  • To increase market penetration Traders can interact with the fraternity using Articles and Discussions on TFOD

TFOD for Students/Design Enthusiasts

  • The objective of TFOD is ‘to provide easily accessible tool to showcase works of ART and DESIGN professionals to help inspire the Students and End Users to alleviate general living standards by providing them ideas and access to PROFESSIONALS and PRODUCTS'
  • As students/end-users, you will be greatly benefitted by the content uploaded by the Art and Design Professionals. You can get inspiration from Photo Gallery, information from Product Details, latest news about innovation in design trends in Articles and engage with the fraternity on the Discussions platform.
  • Moreover you can save images you like in your StyleFiles on TFOD and even Compare products in Slideshow in PRODUCT STYLE FILES
  • Whether you are renovating your house or buying something for your office TFOD aims to be your First and Final Destination