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TFOD Advisory Panel

“If we could merely learn to imitate nature, and design things the way nature does, we could achieve our goal for a sustainable future. The Future Of Design aims to break through barriers and bring design and sustainability to the level of the people.”

The Future Of Design is a step into the virtual world; taken to connect the art, architecture and design professionals with allied consultants and service-providers and material/product suppliers – to make a close-knit network of the design community; with an outreach to millions of end-users! Taking students of art and design into its fold maximizes the portal’s potential; and will lend a touch of youthfulness and dynamism to an otherwise serious forum. The portal is shaped with a view to enrich the fraternity with interesting updates, enable them to connect and share ideas, and offer new opportunities for business expansion. TFOD will become a window-display for products; while also empowering end-users to make informed choices about the designer/product they select.

The Future Of Design began as a raw idea. A path-breaking and very ambitious concept that needed to be polished and refined into a workable business model and translated with the same passion into an online and live portal! TFOD has emerged from a meeting of minds and a melding of sensibilities; within the team.

Extending the initiative beyond the founders and their ideologies, TFOD has created an Advisory Panel to include leading members of the fraternity to help chart its future course. The panel is formed with like-minded professionals, with a single-minded commitment to the cause of ‘design’.

Meet The Panel


Sanjay Puri is an Architect and Founder, Sanjay Puri Architects. He completed his Bachelors in Architecture from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai and is today one of the most renowned names in the business. His avant-garde design vocabulary merges with the firm’s philosophy to create innovative design spaces, which are also functional and sustainable.
Sanjay Puri Architects (SPA), founded in 1992 today has team of over 72, including architects, interior designers and allied professionals. SPA has an extensive design portfolio that includes architectural and interior design projects in fields like hospitality, commercial, retail, educational and entertainment facilities as well as large urban projects and town planning.
Sanjay will bring to The Future Of Design a freshness of approach, and his international presence will add a new dimension.

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Canna Patel is an Architect and Interior Designer. Having done her Bachelors in Architecture from CEPT, Ahmedabad she did her Masters at U.C. Berkeley. She is the Chairperson of HCP Interior Architecture Pvt. Ltd. (HCPIA), widely regarded as a reputable and professionally managed firm based in Ahmedabad.
Canna Patel is one of the founders of TDW Furniture. She is also a Founder Member and Past Chairperson of IIID, Ahmedabad Regional Office (established in 2003). She takes an active interest in training and education of Architects and Interior Designers and contributes by way of teaching delivering lectures at workshops and seminars.
Canna will enrich The Future Of Design, with her years of professional experience, academic bent of mind, and innovative thinking.

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Co‐Founder and Principal Architect at Collaborative Architecture, Lalita is gold medalist from the 1993 batch of students doing a Diploma in Interior Architecture from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. Her design sensibilities were honed at the design studios she interned at; and eventually established Lalita Tharani Associates, in 2001.
Just over a year later, she started a new firm with Ar. Mujib Ahmed, and thus began the journey as Collaborative Architecture. Over the years, the firm has risen to the forefront of the Indian design scenario and epitomizes the new Asian Avant Grade. International offices and collaborations are the way forward for them, now; with China operations set up in Ningbo, Shanghai and a collaboration with Juergen Mayer H, to explore new global markets, particularly of China and the Middle East.
Lalita will bring to The Future Of Design, her trademark zing and zest

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Co‐Founder and Principal Architect at Collaborative Architecture, Mujib got a Degree in Architectural Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Kerala in 1993. This was followed by a two-year Research and Training Program on Fire Stabilized Mud Structures, at Auroville, Pondicherry.
After working with design studios in Calicut and later on in Mumbai, Mujib also taught at a leading design school in Mumbai for many years. He gained adequate experience to set out on his own in 1998, with Mujib Arkitekture Engineering, a studio based out of Calicut. Eventually, the practice was set on a new path with Lalita Tharani in 2002 – as Collaborative Architecture. Now poised to reach global markets via exciting collaborations the practice will take on more dynamic dimensions.
Mujib will lend his stylish sensibilities to The Future Of Design.

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Roopa Sabnis Pinge - FOUNDER & EDITOR(WWW.TFOD.IN)

Roopa Sabnis Pinge is an Architect and Writer-Editor, and one of the Founders of The Future Of Design. After completing her Bachelors in Architecture from M. S. University of Baroda, she started a career in the field of architectural journalism. Her primary experience is in content planning/content generation and writing articles and editing of design magazines. She has also scripted television shows and CD-ROMs; and authored books in the same domain.
Years of association with architects, planners, designers, artists, academicians, theoreticians, and exposure to the supporting products industry led to the concept of The Future Of Design – a virtual platform created to fill a need – that is, of connecting and growing as a fraternity. The portal is positioned to enrich the fraternity with interesting articles and updates and empower the end-users to make informed choices about the designer/product they select.

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