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Golden Pillar Award for Interior Design: Goes to Shahen Mistry Architects for Amenities’ Decor
Aparna Rao 12 hours ago
This month saw the launch of the Golden Pillar Awards conferred by the CREDAI-MCHI for excellence in contributions to the development of real estate and housing in Mumbai/ MMR area and Maharashtra at large. Dubbed the ‘Oscars of the Indian building industry’, the 36 awards, which were give read more ›
Knitted, Woven, Handle with Care: It’s Glass!
Aparna Rao 6 days ago
You begin by noticing the charming combination of various coloured yarn. Then, you appreciate the fine weave that results in such an eye-catching fabric. The knit and purl that come together to create such delicate beauties seem to be the deft work of nimble hands, And, sometimes, the hands themselves read more ›
Inspiration / Innovation
Space as a Billboard: Power of Immersive Communication
Aparna Rao 15 days ago
Spaces we move in during our daily lives are deceptively immersive – they surround us in more ways than we realise, grow on us, work on our psyche, play up our moods and influence our behaviour and choices. Isn’t that precisely the reason why we design and decorate our personal spaces to s read more ›
Talent Show
Shikiri – Ar. Emmanuelle Moureaux’s COLOURS that Work
Aparna Rao 22 days ago
The works of Japanese French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux are a burst of peppy pretty colours – not a wild burst, mind you, but a well-orchestrated symphony of the most pleasing colours arranged in studied compositions that are maddening in their variety of forms, concepts and usages. For, she read more ›
Sachin Tendulkar "Live" on TFOD: by artist Sadashiv Sawant!
Ar. Roopa Sabnis Pinge April 25, 2018 at 07:19 PM
After a mind-blowing sketch of none other than India’s biggest filmstar Amitabh Bachchan on the occasion of his 75th birthday (11th October 2016), self-taught artist Sadashiv Sawant renders a masterly sketch of the cricketing maestro Sachin Tendulkar on his 45th birthday, yesterday (24th April 2017)!! read more ›
Sense / Sustainability
Lessons from Brazil: Co-creating a Traditional Nurturing Biome for Education
Aparna Rao April 24, 2018 at 04:28 PM
There is no doubt in the fact that the perception of built form and the way it takes shape begs for some radical change. For, if we continue building in the same way that is most prevalent in today’s urban scene we are surely and speedily ensuring irreparable damage to the nurturer of our lives read more ›
Global View
Passive Houses: What, Why and Where?
Aishwarya Khurana April 14, 2018 at 03:32 PM
"Passivhaus" or "Passive House" is a  philosophy that provides standards, which ensure the energy efficiency of a building by reducing its ecological footprint and utilizing measures that don’t require much external energy for heating or cooling of spaces. These structur read more ›
Inside Outside Spaces
Green Coffee... Served at Some Groovy Garden Cafes
Aparna Rao April 11, 2018 at 02:45 PM
One would wonder at the eternal charm of garden cafes, of picking up your evening coffee and sandwiches with a wholesome dollop of green surrounds and fresh air! But, the attraction is all too visibly evident, and the reasons why it is thus can go find themselves out as garden cafes get ever more happ read more ›
Industry Focus
The Future Of Chairs: 3D Printed Furniture
Aparna Rao April 02, 2018 at 05:31 PM
The future of design and production has more or less been hijacked by 3D printing technology. This method of additive manufacturing (as it is also called) is proving to be so hugely advantageous on so many counts that it is getting adapted into a variety of industries ranging from construction and roc read more ›
Elegant Office Premises: by AVN Architects, Ahmedabad
Aparna Rao March 27, 2018 at 03:39 PM
AVN Architecture, a design and project management practice of 18 years based in Ahmedabad, is led by the dynamic duo of architects Hitesh Chhadva and Purvi Bhat. While Hitesh, an alumnus of M.S.University, Baroda, brings to the table his special competence at project management over and above his inhe read more ›