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World of Art
The Art of Keeping Time: Calendar and Clock Reinterpreted
Aparna Rao 11 hours ago
Time, the eternal witness. The one without a beginning or an end. One that heals all yet waits for none. Time is what it takes for the flower to bloom, for the fruit to fall, for the harvest to ripen, for adolescence to mature, for a novice to harden and for youth to mellow. Yet, it remains mysterious read more ›
Profile Of The Week
TFOD Profile of the Week: Trupti Doshi, Architect and Integrated Sustainability Engineer
Aparna Rao 2 days ago
Trupti Doshi's phenomemal achievements help us end the month's celebration of women, with a bang! The architect's unperturbed and impactful foray into the very core of sustainable building practices across a panoramic Indian landscape, personifies whatever TFOD stands for as a bright, read more ›
A white haven: by Ar. Sachin Agshikar
Riddhi Shah 8 days ago
A tastefully designed white haven, a finely detailed marvel, a beautiful specimen of elegant material palette; these are just a few words that describe a minimalist house designed by architect Sachin Agshikar. An architect known for his work of substance, utilitarian architecture and site-driven appro read more ›
Jakob and MacFarlane: Exploring a new architectural aesthetic through cubes, colours and veils
Aparna Rao 8 days ago
The practice of architecture is constantly on the lookout for new languages of articulation. Through newer materials or different interpretations of the same; through experimental play with colours, shapes and volumes; through the use of new technologies, a new aesthetic is constantly being sought out read more ›
Profile Of The Week
TFOD Profile Of The Week: Shan Re, Artist, Bengaluru
With Shan Re, a versatile Bengaluru-based artist, we continue celebrating woman power on TFOD! Exploring a wide array of subjects and genres, Shan’s paintings are lyrical reflections of her subconscious thoughts, feelings, fantasies, hopes and memories. Her works have found pride of place in sev read more ›
Sense / Sustainability
Bangalore: A growing hub for eco-friendly homes
Riddhi Shah 10 days ago
A lot is said about sustainability these days. It has been a buzzing topic making rounds in every circle and every profession, especially architecture. There is a significant increase in the environmental consciousness. Deliberate decisions are made, to try and incorporate principles of sustainability read more ›
Sense / Sustainability
Vertical Garden - hope for a green future
Riddhi Shah 10 days ago
It is said that, ‘If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need.’ We sure do have plenty of libraries, but there is a definite shortage of green spaces in our cities. Gardens help a city in numerous ways. Not only are they lungs of the city, but they also bring a lot peac read more ›
World of Art
Going ‘dotty’: With Elspeth McLean
Raised in Australia, and now settled in Canada, Elspeth McLean is a tremendously gifted artist who creates intense and intricate artworks entirely out of colourful dots! So, there are big dots and small dots, and very tiny dots – but dots are all they are. Created with acrylic paint and a p read more ›
Banksy Opens ‘Walled Off Hotel’ Promoting ‘Conflict Tourism’
Aparna Rao 15 days ago
Are we talking about a hotel that offers a view of conflict-asserting concrete dividers instead of scenic oceans, of strife-ridden territory in place of misty mountainous terrain? Is that even inviting? Well, that is precisely what this Mediterranean hotel offers – “the worst view in the w read more ›
Profile Of The Week
TFOD Profile Of The Week: Lalita Tharani, Collaborative Architecture
Lalita Tharani is one of India’s leading women architects, and also on TFOD’s Advisory Panel. In partnership with Mujib Ahmed, Lalita heads the practice of Collaborative Architecture – an international award-winning studio, with offices in Mumbai, Calicut and Shanghai. 8th M read more ›