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Museum of Troy: A Magnificent Box Full of Mysterious History
Aparna Rao 2 hours ago

The Museum of Troy, as it is called, has been seen in recent news after its formal inauguration in October 2018, pictures of its unusual structure evoking varied reactions. To an unprepared eye, it may appear as a huge shipping container languishing unused in a yard! But... read more ›

3D Construction Printing: Real Option(s)!
Aparna Rao 17 days ago
3D printed construction became a tangible and realised option in the year gone by, i.e. 2018, with the first ever 3D printed home being occupied in August 2018 in Nantes, France. This family of 5 moving from their crowded apartment to a detached home of 1700 sq feet of their own marked, not just their read more ›
At Home
Décor Ideas to Support the ‘Work-from-Home-ers’!
Aparna Rao 23 days ago
As digitisation and telecom technology advance to enable logging in to work from remote locations, the home appears to be the most preferred work location. Not that the idea is entirely new as some businesses were always run from home, but the culture of working from home was never as popular as it is read more ›
Classic Collections
PadmaShri Awards 2019: Architect Bimal Patel and Artist Jyoti Bhatt win honours!
Aparna Rao 26 days ago
TFOD awoke this Republic Day 2019 to some extra doses of celebratory sunshine. Two of the fraternities we exist for have received the highest form of national civilian recognition, the Padma Award. As architect/ urban designer/ urban planner Dr.Bimal Patel and painter/ printmaker/ photographic documen read more ›
Ideas / Trends
Basurama: Where Waste takes Centre-Stage
Aparna Rao 26 days ago
Hiding waste from the visible mainstream, keeping it out of sight till it is disposed of via a backdoor has been standard approach to waste management in most parts of the world so far. We don’t want to see the waste we generate even if it builds up to mountainous volumes, which is exactly what read more ›
Scrap & Waste Find Glory at Bhubaneshwar’s Outdoor Art Museum
Aparna Rao 26 days ago
While maximising efforts to recycle waste, or garbage, as a global effort is a fairly recent phenomenon arising from the environmental crisis, putting waste to use as decorative material has well been practiced since ages. Grannies have taught us to make dolls, wall pieces and other items of home d&ea read more ›
Global View
World Architecture Festival: Kiwi Infrastructure Proposal for Desi Statue Bags Honours
Aparna Rao January 24, 2019 at 09:27 AM
If any single thing is making more news than the grandiose flurry of celebrity weddings this season, it is statues of all sizes and entities. Yes, statues from all over are in the news, led by the ‘Statue of Unity’ of superlative claims, for various reasons and so is the statue of Thiruval read more ›
World Architecture Festival: Sanjay Puri Marks the Indian Win, Again, with ‘The Street’!
Aparna Rao January 24, 2019 at 09:27 AM
Well, you can’t stop the earth from spinning, they say. And, it looks like you can’t stop Sanjay Puri Architects from winning, either! As another session of a celebration of global excellence in design, the World Architecture Festival 2018, wrapped up at Amsterdam this November end, we saw read more ›
World of Art
Recycling Railway Scrap into Art
Ar.Heli Haribhakti January 12, 2019 at 04:59 PM
Art is limitless to any medium. From putting a pencil to a paper and sketching to painting street walls with graffiti; human being, with its curious mind have evolved art over centuries to suit an ongoing trend or demand. In today’s modern world the biggest need is to save our planet from tuning read more ›
Global View
World Architecture Festival, 2018: Savouring Radical Innovative Picks
Aparna Rao January 02, 2019 at 02:38 PM
The World Architecture Festival, which concluded this year on 30th November at Amsterdam, is always an opportunity to witness and enjoy the essential best of the architectural practice from around the world. This year, too, saw some extraordinary picks among the shortlisted projects as well as the win read more ›