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6 Most Unusual Homes Around The World

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on February 09, 2015 at 03:12 PM

Sourcing some unusual residential spaces from the world wide web, threw up some huge surprises - in the form of a few Indian celebrity homes! Internationally, the homes featured in this collection are by celebrated architects/designers. Quirky & Quixotic - describe the quality and character of these interior spaces. While the homes are unusual and splendidly charming all over, the focus is on the show-stoppers! Whatever be the style and language of the decor - classical, organic, pop, minimalist, funky or sculptural - the homes are path-breaking examples of innovative thinking and living!

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Images: 1, 11 Vinita Chaitanya styles an apartment in Mumbai for Deepika Padukone

A luxury apartment in a plush high-rise block in Mumbai has many unusual elements – with the right mix of grace and flamboyance. The new pad for film-diva Deepika Padukone, reflects an astute balance between style and sass, comfort and class; using a stunning palette of colours and materials. Though the entire home is stylistically homogenous, each room is treated as an individual space, with a totally different aesthetic language. For instance, the study has an elegant sophistication in grey and brown, while the bedroom is replete with indulgent luxury in ivory and fuschia.

Images: 2, 9 Javier Senoisian continues his organic journey with a nautilus home in Spain

Moulded as an organic, free-flowing shape with no straight lines, and no demarcated spaces – this earthen, cave-like space primarily made from ferrocement, is unlike any other! Of course, this unusual genre is vastly explored by Mexican architect Javier Senoisian – who terms it ‘bio-architecture’ – so there are similar creations from his studio; inspired by forms from nature, such as serpents and snails. Adding to the surreal drama is the styling of the large wall near the entrance; with small and large pieces of coloured glass. While it gives an interesting look to the façade, it casts a lovely pattern of coloured spots in the interior ambience. 

Image: 3, 7 Nuru Karim creates a futuristic and minimalistic apartment for singer Shaan in Mumbai

Breaking free from many preset notions of stylish home décor, and more particularly from the glam-sham expected in a Bollywood celebrity home, is this stunningly crafted one for Shaan – by architect Nuru Karim. A play of forms in white, with little else used for décor makes a uniquely styled and gracious home. 

Image: 4, 12 David Hotson designs a playful penthouse in Manhattan

Redefining unusual interiors is this 6600 sq ft, four-level penthouse in a converted 19th century building. The show-stopper in the remodeled interior is a seamless 80-foot mirror-polished, stainless steel tubular slide – which begins at the lacquer-painted attic, passes through the living area and ends at the library on the main level, with a stop on the third floor.


Image: 5, 10 Jurgen Mayer H crafts a contemporary German home

Sinuous forms with no sharp corners, inside and outside – in structure or furniture; is the defining element of the home. Using the footprint of the existing structure as a reference point, the design evolved to adapt to the new needs of the clients. This is one of the best known works of the German Starchitect, famous for his wondrous play with forms and materials.

Image: 6, 8 Karim Rashid splashes psychedelic hues in his own living space, in Hell's Kitchen

Vibrant colours and wavy free-flowing shapes – both famously associated with celebrated designer Karim Rashid – show up in all their glory, in the 2800 sq ft, three-level townhouse that the designer bought and remodeled to suit his own family! Pink of course the most visible of all colours in the palette, sets the mood of cheer, fun, hope and happiness. 

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