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Home in Harmony with Nature: Ar. Sunil Patil

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on July 01, 2015 at 06:05 PM

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Established in 1994, Sunil Patil & Associates with offices in Kolhapur and Pune; has more than 300 projects in residential, industrial, commercial, mass housing and public spaces sectors. Based out of Kolhapur and Pune, the studio works on the philosophy of having a seamless integration between nature and architecture. The practice is based on a principle that spaces are designed not just to satisfy functional needs of users but more as companions which can share joys and sorrows of life. This stunning home in Kolhapur from the SPA portfolio for an industrialist couple seems to bring alive the studio’s philosophy!

This home had a unique set of requirements and thereby an unusual design solution was evolved to fulfill the same. The couple being avid hobby-artists needed a large studio space adjacent to the bedroom. This then became the design-driver for the architectural solution and automatically presented a plan that virtually divides the space into distinct zones – the public spaces and the private chambers. Therefore a long wall – starting from the front compound wall and touching the rear wall of the plot – physically separates the two zones. 

This wall with well-designed openings lends a tranquil yet interesting and powerful identity to the home; and also becomes the display panel for the owners’ paintings. One side of the wall has the common areas like living room, dining room and kitchen; while the other has the master bedroom and studio. The studio is a multi-use space; doubling up as the guest room whenever needed. The interesting detail here is that the studio work-table itself folds over to become the bed!

The wall becomes the interactive film between indoor and outdoor spaces too, with effortless transitions between the covered spaces and the semi-covered courtyard. A Plumeria tree with a seating platform around its base, adds a traditional Indian touch. Natural light streaming in from the skylight above the courtyard, further adds to the ambience.

The tandoor stone cladding on the wall it renders a rough, plain, grey texture; which creates the perfect background to enhance the paintings on it. The rest of the elements are in white, with different textures and materials. There is a concerted effort to be as close to nature as possible, and therefore a conscious decision to maximize eco-friendly materials emerged. Innovative use of glass and laminate creates a new material for the kitchen dado. A solid surface finish for the kitchen platform and dining table gives a homogenous feel.


Lighting is an integral part of this home; playing a vital role in creating various moods suitable for different activities happening within the house. The bar counter and dining table are designed with built-in lighting. The water bodies outside the dining and studio are fitted with LED lighting, to create a relaxed mood in the ambience.

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