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Lavish Living: Home by FHD Group, Hyderabad

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on August 22, 2015 at 03:29 PM

© Courtesy of FHD Group, Hyderabad; Photos: Sameer Chawda

FHD Group of Hyderabad has cut a fine reputation in the world of architecture and interior design, primarily in the southern zone.  A penchant for lavish homes, partial to the Classical style of design, is reflected in a portfolio that spreads across the entire spectrum of project typologies. This 11000 sq ft home in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, for a loyal client and patron – was taken up as a comprehensive project; including architecture, interiors, landscape and lighting.


The strength of the home lies in its planning – with the design thinking evolving primarily from the client’s brief and the topography of the site. The entire designing, planning and execution of this 11000 square feet home in a 1340 sq yard plot, took 34 months to complete. 

The topography of the plot enabled the design to incorporate a basement where the garage, utilities and staff quarters are housed; and an elevation with two main entrances. The formal entrance to the house opens into a foyer with the office room on the left and the guest room and bar on the right. The other is more informal and leads to the living and puja on the right and dining and kitchen to the left. This unique feature allows the family their privacy and enables them to use this entrance when there are visitors in the office room.

The two porticos are similar in design with the marble inlaid floor and the heavy double doors with etched glass inserts. The lighting on the steps is innovative and illuminates the path from the portico to the main door.

The pool is placed at the back of the house to maintain its privacy. A Balinese setting is created using sandstone mural in fish and coral pattern and the rustic gazebo. The checkered bollards and spherical light fittings in the lawn throw light at different levels.  

The back of the house facing the pool can be mistaken for the front because of its elevation. The well-lit large sit out on the first floor and the wide steps leading to the deck and the formal dining therein are designed to create a warm ambience. The bollards on either side of the steps and the lighting add to this effect.

The motifs etched in the glass, carved on the doors and incorporated on the ceiling have been an inspiration from the Indian Temples but have been given a contemporary touch to blend in with the overall flow of elements. This visual language that flows from one room to another creates an unmistakable link between all the spaces.

The double height of the ceiling is a main feature that runs through a large part of the house connecting the ground floor to the first. The walkway on the first floor with etched glass on either side overlooks the dining room and has a direct view of the ceiling with the flower motifs amidst the gold leafed checks. This is another interpretation of the flowers sculpted on the walls of historic temples in South India. The light from the large chandeliers enhances the rich hues of the gold.

The kitchen is ultramodern, large and spacious, with a warm and welcoming feel. The two-level island is not only an interesting design element, but also enables easy circulation and informal family conversations.

The ceiling in the Bar is given a rippled effect alluding to the softly fading chimes of a temple bell. This is highlighted by the Swarovski chandelier with dainty crystal drops. A large painting of Marilyn Monroe on the wall sharply contrasts with the decor theme; adds color and creates a fun and restful ambience. 

The second and informal entrance to the house has twin pillars in gold finish that are given a stacked effect. The solid look is intentional to impart as much importance to this entrance as the formal and not take away its due.

The landscape adds to the stunning appeal of the home. Well-planned and thoughtfully detailed – with wooden decks and multi-colored foliage, and a reclining Buddha imparting a Zen feel to the ambience.


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