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S. P. Jain School of Global Management, Mumbai: Ar. Rajesh Patel

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on September 12, 2015 at 05:58 PM

© Courtesy of Ar. Rajesh Patel, Mumbai; Pics by: Ravi Kanade

Ar. Rajesh Patel set up his independent design practice in Mumbai in 1979.  Since then, he has worked on various architectural and interior projects; including the very prestigious projects for S. P. Jain School of Global Management, in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai! In focus here is the new campus in Mumbai – a sprawling 15000 sq ft in the heart of a throbbing business district. Inspired by the global phenomenon of the ‘selfie’, the interior scheme reflects new-age lifestyles as well as innovative learning methodologies!  What’s more, the S.P. Jain School of Global Management has made it to the Top Ten in the Forbes list of Best International MBAs: One-Year Program rankings 2015-16!

B-schools are the flavor of the season. Whether Arts, Commerce, Engineering or Pharmacy, augmenting the basic degree with an MBA has become the need of the hour – a choice popularized by the staggering pay packages the industry offers! With this burgeoning demand for B-schools, establishments have had to pull up their socks in an effort to outbid each other in terms of sheer facilities!

S. P. Jain School of Global Management has built a fine reputation for itself over the years, and has taken it to the next level by offering integrated ‘global’ courses - in their facilities located in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. The fourth and latest one is the new campus in Mumbai – a striking example of contemporary styling and youthful appeal.

This definitive aesthetic is derived from the current generation’s preferences and habits – whether it is the multiple social networking platforms they are glued on to; the cutting-edge technology of smartphones and tabs that they seem to know in and out; their preferred ‘hang-out’ options like cafes, multiplexes and food-courts in malls, where they spend quality time with friends; or the fashionable streets where they stroll and shop! However, these once-local based activities today have become global phenomena. Social media - with its constant updates, sharing and ‘selfies’ has made the world a more connected place.


All these seemingly frivolous pastimes translate into important design decisions – as the concept of an unstructured hang-out street corner spot conducive for bonding over a cuppa merges into an uppity business school! The design of the business school was based on the premise that the new generation has a different approach to life, and their thinking patterns and needs must be incorporated in the décor. Individual facilities like Café, Break-out rooms, Library, and Classrooms are all conceived in a modern and creative way, and juxtaposed around a central ‘street’. 

Thus fostering the spirit of bonding and interaction and team-building and much like a shopping street; modern and casual – with vibrant forms and vivid colours – is the new B-school in Mumbai! The local culture of Mumbai, blends with the global trend of the selfie to create a dramatic and impressive décor – which inspires and stimulates, excites and relaxes – in a sort of curious continuum of spatial progression!

Located in the heart of the bustling city of Mumbai, the campus is designed to meet the requirements of a global business leader, and the facility thus incorporates some of the most distinctive features of a premium business school. The look of the new campus has been derived from the global 'selfie' phenomenon – and has unique features that lend it a distinctive identity. Unpolished surfaces, cement floors, open ceilings with exposed service ducts, and casual styling blends seamlessly with highly stylized accessories, reflective panels, bold colours and new-age lighting fixtures – all coming together to lend a high-end 21st century look. Little wonder then, that S.P. Jain is the only school of Indian-origin to be ranked in the Forbes’ list of world's top 10. For four years in a row now, S. P. Jain has featured in Forbes' biennial rankings of the world's top business schools. 


The new campus boasts of some technologically advanced features too – with classrooms, called ‘Learning Centres’ equipped with Look-at-me cameras, touch-screen whiteboards, high-definition inter-campus video conferencing facilities and unique decision-making touchpads; and a first-of-its-kind Simulation Centre which will enable students to learn about complex business situations and sharpen their real-world and decision-making skills using advanced multimedia simulations. 

When the philosophy of the management is interpreted correctly by the designer, the interior scheme reverberates with positivity. In the Mumbai campus, one sees business education re-designed  - with design decisions enabling change and innovation in the classroom. 

Concepts of management education are re-invented with spaces assigned for students to meet and discuss real-world business issues, and promote decision-making through peer learning. The facility to plug in their laptops and project their presentations on a television screen allows them to present their case studies in a business-like format preparing them for a corporate business career. 

As Nitish Jain of the S. P. Jain School of Global Management sums up: "Interior design is no longer about space planning and aesthetics. In the last 15 years, design has re-invented itself; particularly in the field of education. Architects need to be able to integrate technology along with space functionality and creative design. Hi-tech equipment and facilities need to be incorporated in the plan at an early stage – to get a modern, functional and seamless design." Certainly, all the school’s campuses across the world mirror the Chairman's vision!

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