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De FACTO Architects & Interior Designers - Finely Matured

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on October 17, 2015 at 05:00 PM

Joining the fold recently, De FACTO Architects & Interior Designers has been garnering great feedback for their portfolio showcased on TFOD. Starting out in 2004, as a very fresh, young design firm, today they have an enviable list of clients in the residential as well as commercial space. The four projects featured here show the maturity of the design sensibilities of the two partners, Dnyanesh Madgavkar & Nikhil Khadilkar as well as the wide spectrum of work the firm successfully executes. 

© Courtesy of De Facto Architects, Mumbai

Pic: 1. Atulyam - The Spa; Pics: 2, 3,4. Cube House, Khandala

Called Cube House, conceptually this house in Khandala is imagined as a cube nestled in landscape. This landscape itself becomes an intrinsic part of the house at various levels. Inside the cube, the various areas are planned over 2 storeys. The ground floor level is designed as a large singular space. Within this space the kitchen, living and the bar area are carefully juxtaposed in order to exploit the best views of the surrounding landscape. The first floor level has three bedrooms that are accessed through a common staircase landing.

As the plot had heavy contours, a basement has been carved out as a self contained space. This multi-functional space is detached from the house and can be accessed through an external staircase on the North-West side. The inside space has large openings towards the South-East from which one can enjoy the view but at the same time affords privacy. The entrance verandah is accessed by a bridge from the parking area that overlooks trees in courts at the basement level. On the left of the bridge is a wall that is rendered in yellow and houses a temple bell at a higher level, which is a characteristic feature of the house.

Pics: 5 - 8. Bridge House, Surat

Informally named the Bridge House because of the living room space that is designed as a bridge between two volumes, this house in Surat belongs to a large Marwari family. It meant that this project was as much an understanding of their daily traditions and values as an exploration of form.   The space has a double height roof with a skylight positioned above the entrance door. The feeling of being inside a bridge in this space is accentuated by two large windows on either sides that extend into a terrace garden on the south and balcony on the north.

The stone clad wall that slices the house into two volumes is the tallest element in the house and therefore marks its presence at each floor. The rear portion of the house sits on the ground like a heavy mass while the front portion of the house that faces the access road appears to be a cantilevered mass that has the kitchen, dining and the living areas. This volume contains bedrooms and other private spaces that are planned over 3 floors as separate units for each of the siblings in the family.

Pics: 9 - 13. Atulyam Spa, Nashik

Atulyam - The Spa was located within the Green Valley Spa Resort which is designed as a quick weekend getaway from the city hustle. The theme of the spa was based on the traditional Maharashtrian Wada, a typical house that is fashioned with a courtyard in the centre surrounded by 'pada' or a corridor space flanked by rooms. A large wooden gateway flanks the entrance to the spa which opens onto a bridge over a water body which is designed like a natural pond. This space with all its elements is designed to create a natural ambience that captivates the guests before they are welcomed in the reception. 

The reception area has high sloping roof with traditional lantern lights, exposed brick walls, and wall textures that feature a rustic aesthetic urging the visitors to remove their footwear and experience the space sensually. The spa is naturally ventilated around the year. Each of the massage rooms has 2 functional zones, one being the massage areas which are covered and the second being the bathing areas which are planned in courts that are open to the sky. 

Pics: 14 - 16. Green Restaurant, Mumbai

The owners of Green Restaurant, one of the oldest restaurant and bars in Dadar, wanted to completely change the look of their restaurant, yet in spirit still retaining the vibe of a neighbourhood bar. The other practical challenge was to complete the site in 3 weeks. As the restaurant occupies the ground floor of an old building, there was little that could be changed from the outside, whereas the inner shell was treated with a bohemian theme. 

Exploring this theme De FACTO created a sculptural ‘tree’ in the center of the space, made of scrap metal, that grows on to a column and spreads its foliage under the roof of the structure. The many tiers of the foliage allow ambient light into the restaurant with numerous bulbs which appear dramatically different from each table. The predominant muted colour palette render the overall space appropriately dim with subtle, yet bold highlights in hues of sea green that are used in the flooring and wall art. Other focal elements are the bar apron and the long surface adjacent to it, which are influenced by nature and thus enhance the eclectic spirit of the space.

Designer : De FACTO Architects & Interior Designers
Photography :Courtesy the architects

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