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Diwali Decor Tips: Light Up Your Life!!

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on November 06, 2015 at 07:14 PM

With Diwali – the festival of lights – round the corner, here are a few décor tips that can spruce up your homes. Besides certain items which can be wonderful DIY experiments for the family to bond over, they can be re-vamped and re-used for the next year too. Cheaper Chinese products have been flooding the local markets. But the spirit of Diwali is truly reflected in buying products made by the underprivileged or the mentally/physically challenged and supporting such commendable initiatives and efforts of NGOs and other charitable organizations. 

© Courtesy of Design Decor & Disha (cover pic and images 1 - 9: sourced from Pinterest)

Rangolis, Diyas, Kandeels, Thorans, Thaalis –are traditional and iconic elements, adorning every available surface – the floors, walls and ceilings; or used in the pujas and festivities. But being primarily the ‘festival of lights’; lanterns, earthen diyas, brass oil lamps, candles, and light-bulb stringers have the highest association with the festival. 

Besides the traditional earthen lamps (diyas), which are now available in umpteen and amazing variations, tea-light holders have become very popular. Diyas are also ideal to be made at home – shape them with clay or just use dough. After they dry paint with metallic paints and decorate with glitter! The clay ones can be re-used too. 

Candles too are beautiful décor items. Floating candles have emerged as amazing objects of Diwali décor – amalgamating the look of a diya in a candle-holder!! Buyers today are spoilt for choice - with a wide array of designs and colours. And these can be made at home as well; buying small items like gems and beads or even using assorted leftovers from the children’s DIY kits! 

Brass lamps and flowers - the exotic combination never quite goes out of style! Exuding a divine charm, they retain their appeal - amidst so many, newer, cheaper options. And of course the very simple, minimalist diya - unadorned and bare and beautiful. The disarming simplicity of the diya strikes a chord deep within. 

Pics: 13-15. Glass Bottles - contemporary styled light accessories

For more contemporary choices, there are minimalistic papier mache light holders and candle covers. But an element that adds colour and light, and can be used regardless of the occasion are glass-bottles or jars re-used to become wonderful accessories to light up any space!

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