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Lighting Up Lives – products and trends

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on November 14, 2014 at 08:30 PM

Philips, GE, Wipro, Osram, Havells, Anchor, Lutron, Bajaj, Surya Roshni and Crompton Greaves are some of the top players in the lighting sector in India. Lighting today includes a whole range of products – vastly different in terms of technology as well as pricing, energy consumption as well as operating life.


© Courtesy of Dipen Gada, Vadodara

On one end of the spectrum are incandescent lamps – which comprise a tungsten wire filament that glows and produces visible light when heated to a high temperature. They operate without a ballast, light up instantly, provide a warm light and excellent color rendition. However, they have a low efficacy (10-17 lumens per watt) compared with other lighting options and a short average operating life (750–2,500 hours). The other end of the spectrum has LEDs and now even OLEDs – light emitting diodes that are energy-efficient and offer designers the freedom to let their imaginations run wild! The colour-changeability and dimming option of LEDs gives designers immense freedom and scope for experimentation. LEDs are expensive but their low power consumption (only about 20 per cent of the energy used by incandescent lamps) and a long operating life, in addition to the immense versatility they lend to a space - could outweigh the setback suffered in the investment. 

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) go a step further on LEDs as the most energy-efficient alternative to conventional lighting. OLEDs are similar to electro luminescent lighting. An OLED light source is a thin, flexible sheet of material comprising three layers - a polymer or sublimed molecular film sandwiched between two layers of electrodes, one of them transparent. Current is passed through the material until it emits light through the transparent layer.

Most big players in the lighting market are working on LEDs and are trying to create applications that will consume even lesser power. As of now, their LED portfolio includes accent/effect lighting, wall washing/grazing, floodlighting, cove/contour lighting, direct view, guidance, functional lighting, general lighting, controls, and lamps and modules. 

Philips offers a range of LED lighting solutions for offices, hospitality buildings and outdoor spaces. Philips’ outdoor LED lighting solutions also enable cities to provide safer, more secure urban environments, and help create attractive urban locations for businesses, visitors and residents. LED lighting is also helping civic authorities reach their targets of lowering energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. 

GE also offers a range of lighting solutions including halogen replacement lamps, incandescent replacement lamps, white LEDs, signage, architectural solutions, as well as lighting systems for roads, tunnels, displays and the outdoors. GE also believes that its Infusion module, which provides flexibility with a replaceable LED lighting solution, is the future of LED lighting. 

Wipro blends functionality and innovation to institutional and retail consumers. With the latest technology across numerous application areas, Wipro’s LED solutions include downlighters, cabinet lights, signage, cove lighting systems, contour lights, under water lighting, floodlighting, driveovers/walkovers and accent lighting. 

Osram offers light engines (powerful and highly efficient, they are a favourite with lighting designers); modules for general applications (high-flux LEDs are a pioneering range of high-performance systems); modules for decorative lighting applications (for decorative effects, accent lighting and dynamic lighting applications); modules for outdoor lighting applications (exceptionally aesthetic light solutions for exterior areas); modules for signage and illuminated advertising (ideal solution for channel letters and illuminated advertising); power supplies for LED Light Engines and modules; and the Fine White LED modules (for illumination, signage and decorative effects).


Anchor Electricals, a wholly-owned subsidiary of electronics major Panasonic India is looking to expand its portfolio in the LED lighting segment and plans to set up a new production unit for it. In December 2013, the company opened a LED (light-emitting diode) lighting experience centre in Mumbai and the next one at Bangalore is on its way. Presently the centre has imported products manufactured by Panasonic at Malaysia and China. However, they are taking their time to understand the product and its market in India before launching the production facility in India. 

All in all, it is a great scene for the Lighting industry in India.... and the future is certainly bright!!

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