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Cool Kitchens: Photos from Australia

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on January 07, 2016 at 01:22 PM

Kitchens have always been the hearth of the home. They are traditionally places for the family to gather around at mealtimes. There are different types of kitchen layouts, that have evolved from practical ergonomic norms. In places like Australia, with outdoor living as a major focus of the lifestyle, outdoor cooking hubs are commonly seen. Indoor kitchens are usually large; and central to the more popular open plan house layouts. This is a quick peek at some smartly designed kitchens seen in houses currently on sale in different cities of Australia! 

© Courtesy of http://www.realestate.com.au/

The home plan has evolved with the changing lifestyle and requirements of the family. From large, joint families, where getting a bit of individual privacy was paramount; from the days of huge homes with a retinue of servants to look after all our needs; from seven course meals to one-minute microwaveable on-the-go fixes – life of people across the world has changed. Home sizes have shrunk; the kitchen has emerged from the far back of the home to a prime location, adjacent to the living spaces; the living-dining areas have merged, extending into the kitchen – thereby creating a large, open plan conducive for modern ways and also suitable for entertaining. 

The kitchen plan itself is interesting – shaping up as a one-wall kitchen; galley kitchen; U-shaped kitchen; G-shaped kitchen; and L-shaped kitchen; some of which also incorporate an island. The plan is based on a work triangle - a work-flow diagram made by drawing an imaginary straight line from the center of the sink (usually attached to the chopping counter), to the center of the countertop to the center of the refrigerator, and back to the sink. The right work triangle comes from such basic calculations: 

a.     the sum of the sides should not exceed 26 feet, with each side 4-9 feet long

b.      the work triangle should not cut through an island by more than 12”

c.      for optimum efficiency avoid other activities from cutting across the triangle

The uncluttered minimalist look also continues, with white as the preferred colour for the Austalian kitchen. But with the lesser segregation of spaces now seen, the trend is towards visually integrating the kitchen into the décor style and colour scheme of the living space. Popular choices are timber grains, black and grey – and matte remains the choice for finishes.  Laminates, marbles and glass remain the choice for counter-tops and cabinetry – for their versatile applications and easy maintenance. 

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Photography :Courtesy http://www.realestate.com.au/

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