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Industrial architecture: A design synthesis!

Posted by
on January 23, 2016 at 01:45 PM

“The term contemporary architecture in today’s context is leading futuristic architects towards a better technological and more innovative design solutions. It is the beginning of a new era  which will provoke re-evaluation in incompatible disciplines. Industrial architecture is a snapshot of this synthesis discarding the cultural artistic load and creating a new edge for architects”. Also offering a peek into the exploration of the industrial aesthetic in architecture and interior design - with glimpses into the TFOD Profiles of KNS Architects, MumbaiAbin Chadhuri, Kolkata, and Khosla Associates, Bengaluru!

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The active engagement of industry and architecture is required for a lasting imprint on the way industry operates and is conceived. To refurbish a new awareness of social role played by a workplace in a premises and increase profitability towards human needs, ecology and environment factors - a rethinking module has to be made!

The parameters for designing an industrial campus are associated with dramatic societal changes to reflect and respond to innovation and formulate an avant-garde image for an industry.

The picturesque program calls for a design sequence that would incorporate high degree of security and hygiene along with regulation of inward traffic and moreover an ambience conducive to a high degree of end product. The urban phenomenon has emerged various challenging factors among us ranging from geography, locations, global and local surroundings to a three dimensional planning and use of new materials and technology towards an effective architectural form.

Every industry has its own constraints and to attain a functionally planned layout of all requirements on the site and create a visual impact certain objectives of uni-directional material flow, supporting technical services such as electrical, mechanical, fire fighting etc. has to be achieved. Use of less artificial mediators and creation of buffer spaces along with maximum optimization of daylight can generate highly responsible surroundings and less external demands of induce negative energy consumption and environmental effects!

Certain factors such as to avoid the possibilities of contamination, controlling effective climate, differential pressure zones, constructing light duty structures for warehouses along with illumination levels, communication, clearance and motion economy plays an vital role in industrial design process.

Thus, with the present scenario and changing structures over the time this shall play an effective role between architecture, planning and industry. The experiences of our past architecture collaborations with industries along with present shall bring a new era towards industrial architecture and shall create a special bond between them in near future.

Pics: 10,11 - KNS Architects; Pics: 12,13 - Abin Design Studio; Pics: 14, 15 - Khosla Associates

In contemporary design, the industrial aesthetic has much potential to be explored. And designers around the world have been toying with it, in varied ways. Some of the architecture and interior design work displayed by designers on TFOD, in parts if not in whole, shows a strong bend towards the industrial aesthetic...with rather remarkable results! Check Out the work of KNS Architects, Mumbai, Abin DesignStudio, Kolkata, and Khosla Associates, Bengaluru - all on TFOD - The Future Of Design.

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