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Incandescent bulbs: MIT’S new design more efficient than LED’s

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on January 15, 2016 at 04:41 PM

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The incandescent lamps are back! And if Thomas Edison lived today, he would have been impressed with the new and innovative version of the erstwhile incandescent bulbs. Pushed a bit away from the market share due to the growing popularity of LEDs, the incandescent bulb promises to make a remarkable comeback! The innovation, using nanotechnology comes from the portals of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Developed by the researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology the energy efficient bulb is a major breakthrough in nanotechnogy! Also, the quality of light emitted is perceived to be better than LEDs - which many people consider as 'less natural' . The new innovation bridges the two - giving the natural glow of incandescent bulbs and the energy efficiency of LEDs! 

A design led by the principle of “recycled light” - the technique is to surround the filament with a special crystal structure in the glass that can revert back the lost energy in the bulb while allowing the light at the same time to pass through. On the other hand, LEDs are filament free. They directly convert electricity into light by moving electrons through a transistor.

Well, and how is the new incandescent bulb is more efficient than the LEDs? It is because of tthe “photonic crystal” structure surrounding the filament making the scientists believe that the new bulb could reach efficiency levels up to 40 per cent as compared to the traditional light bulbs that were only 5 per cent efficient!

Providing good colour rendering these lamps are easily dimmable and being an essential household item, the incandescent bulbs  re-design is an iconic invention.

While not ready to be retailed yet, if the new bulbs live up to expectations they would be cost effective and even improve health although the LED's extreme longevity is much higher as compared to the new version of incandescent bulbs.

With the growing needs, the rising market for energy efficient tools and the global call towards sustainability, the incandescent bulb is become a popular choice in interior, architecture and product design applications, in the coming years!

While the research was published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology “The lighting potential of this technology is exciting “as quoted by Prof Gang Chen, Head of the department at MIT.

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