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on December 23, 2013 at 05:34 PM

Mumbai-based interior designer Sonali Shah describes the concept and creation of an apartment interior she did for a business family in Mumbai! With a starkly minimalist style and white as the chosen colour of the backdrop, other colours used for accessories, furniture and furnishings offer stunning contrasts.
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Interior Remodeling

The concept for the aesthetic treatment of the home is derived primarily from the owners’ wish to have a luxurious living space. The 2500 sq ft three-bedroom apartment therefore has been shaped into a distinctive interior architecture space. The remodeling exercise involved keeping the old shell intact and creating internal regrouping of spaces in order to create a more functional layout. The compliance of the basics of Vastushastra was also instrumental in the changes executed. It was challenging to create a living space that would be comfortable and expressive of the occupants’ tastes and have a level of formality that suits their lifestyle and entertaining needs – and all within the existing framework of the space. Another The design proposal finally executed offers a refreshing solution for the rejuvenation of the interior of a common urban housing typology in India

Luxury and Warmth in Minimalism

The client preferred to go for a minimalist style; which is actually difficult with a full family inhabiting the space. The pursuit of perfection through simplifying form and material has to be poised against practical realities. However, the owners were very sure of the aesthetic they desired to have in their remodeled home. The idea thus was to open up the space with the help of actual breaking down of partitions and needless interventions. White on most of the walls also helps in the visual connotations of minimalism. Then again, they wanted all the comforts of home combined with all the luxuries of a five-star-hotel. Another factor in the brief was the need to be international in luxury but exude a definite Asian charm. These rather conflicting choices led the designer to find a design solution that would strike a balance between all the parameters.

A “feel-good” Space

Attention to detailing has made the difference to the overall look of the interior. Materials and products like soft furnishings, textiles, floor coverings, ceramics, light fittings and original artwork have been sourced from various parts of the world. The design approach reflects modern Asia rather than ethnic India. Colour accents like ripe aubergine, vibrant red, or earthy ochres and orange-browns lend touches of flair and flamboyance.

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Designer : Sonali Shah
Photography :Rahul Pawar Photography; courtesy the designer.

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