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10 office decor ideas to jazz up the spirit of Republic day!

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on January 26, 2016 at 09:28 PM

India is celebrating its 67th Republic Day and I personally feel it is a wonderful occasion for us, as a nation to cherish our country and fuel our patriotism. Be it in a small way or big, this congratulatory occasion calls us all to be a part of it. So, whether planning a gathering at your office or simply thinking of decorating it here are some striking ideas to liven up the decor of your office this Republic Day.

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Tricolor wall art/ Graffiti (Pics: 1,2)

Brightening your office space with beautiful abstract tricolour paintings, art decals, wall stickers and graffitis; can effortlessly adorn and smarten up your office interiors - a unique way to build up the atmosphere and intensity of republic day. The patterns and schemes are endless!

Tricolor Paper Flowers(Pics: 3,4)

Terrific designs come from simple ideas and surely, paper decorations are always there to save the day. Whether pom-poms, or folded paper fans or paper circles they work really well in office premises. The designs when experimented with the tricolor format give the entire space a graceful, creative feel!

Rangolis (Pic: 5)

Rangoli - the art of floor-design with a religious connotation is part of a tradition that has been passed on from many generations. Using a bit of creativity, tricolor Rangoli designs can offer a nice touch to your office and to the entire space. You could also try to experiment with materials; using glitter paper, and flowers instead of the traditional rangoli powders!

Tricolor Snowflakes (Pics: 6,7)

The national flag of India is a horizontal rectangular tricolor of deep saffron, white and India green; with the Ashoka Chakra, a 24-spoke wheel, in navy blue at its centre. In this wintry month of January, some sassy snowflakes would perk up the entire office! The 3-D snowflakes with an Indian twist can be incorporated at bare corners, desk tops or walls of your office. 

Tricolour Cushions (Pic: 8)

Pick an incumbent area of your office and revamp the entire space with some tricolour comfy cushions. Whether a common space or your own private chamber these cushions can add some glamour to the space - giving the office premises a rather cozy touch. An easy, reusable, trouble-free, low-cost option - for sure!

Trendy Planters(Pics: 9,10)

Planters are a big yes to the office interiors. They not only provide freshness to the dull breathing space but also aid in enhancing the ambience of the space by reverberating positivity. Use Republic Day as an occasion to plant some of them like the dove-inspired planter, or else simply look for individual luscious planters. Minimalistic and incredible!

Tricolour Frames(Pic: 11)

Your office desk is the gist of your personality and tricolor frames are a quick-witted way to dress up your personal space theme for Republic Day. The frames look neat and classy; but inspiring quotes in flamboyant typography are even better to pep up the working environment!

LED lights(Pics: 12,13)

With the increasing commitment to sustainability, LED lights are an eco-friendly idea to light up the office. Work up with these simple eco-friendly lights on your office ceilings - whatever style and design - they can light up the space in a grand fashion!

Republic Day Coasters(Pic: 14)

Many of us just love DIY’s  - an easy way to craft your ideas indigenously and you could try something on Republic Day too! Just add the tiranga coasters to your desk or cafeteria with some Popsicle sticks, glued together and by painting the top using the tricolor scheme. Craft and blend into the theme of the day!

Tricolor Wind chimes(Pic: 15)

If you want to add some beautiful and soothing curios to your office, hand-crafted wind chimes will impress you... Unique, economical and appealing - the tricolor wind chime is absolutely a novel idea for this Republic Day. Dangle it in a window or just above the desk - it’s a faultless delight!

Wishing you all a Happy Republic Day!  THe Future Of Design salutes the indomitable spirit of India!

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