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Best Bedroom Designs - on The Future Of Design

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on September 30, 2014 at 12:46 PM

The bedroom is a sanctuary for the senses. The most intimate space in a home, the bedroom needs to reflect the occupants’/users’ needs and choices. The size, of course, determines the basic or not-so-basic amenities that can be incorporated in the bedroom. The basic ones include, besides of course the bed (again size depending on bedroom size and user preference); a wardrobe, a writing desk and a television often seen accommodated in niches within the frame of the wardrobe. See designers on TFOD make it a haven of rest and relaxation in the homes they design for their clients! Kayzad Shroff, Dipen Gada, Rajeev Sathe, Binita Ganatra, Nitin Mistry, KNS Architects, Bhavin Sheth, Usine Studio, Rahul Dalvi, Preetham D'Souza, Yogita Singh, Vinod Mehra, Dhruva Samal and Milind Pai adorn our Bedroom Special Feature today!!

© Courtesy of Kayzad Shroff on TFOD

An intimate, personal space, the bedroom often speaks volumes of its inhabitants' personality. Whether you have just shifted to your new home or want to give a makeover to your old bedroom, you always seek out some exclusive ideas to make your bedroom stand out. So do you want a modern bedroom but do not know where to begin? That is a common stumbling block that most individuals face - the result being a mix of ideas that don’t necessarily match. Pastels are encouraged in bedrooms, for the soothing ambience they create. The overall feel of the room needs to be comfortable and inviting; but try having some fun with colours - a splash of vibrancy can invigorate any space. Most importantly, remember its your space. It should reflect who you are; rather than reflecting colour theories! Unusual choices enhance the overall feel of the room, so let your imagination run wild.

Dipen Gada, Vadodara

Lighting is critical. Overhead lighting should definitely have a dimmer installed and ideally output a warm glow, side lamps should be bright enough to read by but also great if you can have different settings if you want to create a mood- this helps creates different settings for the room, based on the tone or the temperament of the user at the moment.  A corner lamp is also a great feature as it can create a beautiful warm light source without needing to spotlight anything. 

Rajeev Sathe, Mumbai

A side table beside a comfortable reading chair is elegant and practical; as is an area rug. The table can be a decorative focal point to display favourite coffee table books and a small but beautiful bouquet of flowers. A low and comfortable reading chair is also good for draping clothes over. Plain flooring can be highlighted using throw-rugs or area rugs.

Binita Ganatra, Mumbai

Wall-decor is another very significant element in a room. It adds to the glamour quotient, or can be used to create a refreshing ambience. Laser-cut screens, metal-embossing, and wall paper are good alternatives. Warm colours are usually preferred; and individual elements can fit in together in the same scheme.

Nitin Mistry, Mumbai

Draping from the ceiling can be very effective and dramatic. Darker silk or chiffons billowing from the centre light to the corners of the room create a more regal effect. White netting or gauze creates a more lighter, summery mood- perfect for smaller spaces which need to look more open and inviting. Large rooms can be made to look even larger with low beds and long drapes.

KNS Architects, Mumbai

Maximize the view if you are blessed with one! Enhance the windows with beautiful draping or appropriate dressings to frame it and bring the magic of the view into the bedroom space. Create a frame or portrait of sorts, using the window as the focus. 

Bhavin Sheth, Mumbai

Beds themselves can be taken as lavish four-posters; if space permits. Adding draperies on it ups the aesthetic scale. Sheer fabric is an excellent choice for the same.

Usine Studio, Vadodara

Minimalist styling is a popular choice of decor; and often shows stunning results in bedrooms. Accessories have to be selected astutely; to complement and enhance the look. To capture the essencce of homeliness in a minimalist bedroom decor, is the challenge!

Rahul Dalvi, Vadodara

Personal photographs are perfect for the bedroom- be it a birthday, a house warming, or a day at the park, captured in a series of photographs. The bedroom can be the best place to display and enjoy your most intimate and personal photographs- create a collage  or a puzzle to frame up onto the wall backing the bed. A blank wall can come to life with beautiful and eclectic framed photographs and memorabilia to celebrate your life. Your skills, passions or hobbies can also be framed to occupy pride of place in your personal space...

Preetham D'Souza, Mangalore

Futuristic styling is also a neat and dynamic option; which gives a racy look. Youthful, vibrant, trendy and yet subtle and simple - this type of decor is also quite popular with the new generation!

Yogita Singh, Lucknow

Pattern is a powerful tool of design. Capturing a piece from one element and using it or adapting it in another - gives an extremely customised feel. Art-work and carpet design, for instance here make the impact.

Vinod Mehra, Mumbai

Textural Variations are also very important. Choose matte and gloss, wood and stone, silk and linen - complement each other despite their sharp textural contrasts. Used cleverly, it can lend an interesting touch to a simple bedroom.

Dhruv Samal, Mumbai

Cushions are great accessories and the bedroom is absolutely the best place to spruce up with cushions. A very simple and elegant bedroom can be jazzed up with cushions. Keeping with the theme or the overall look; or completely and outrageously not - cushions can be versatile tools of decor!

Milind Pai, Mumbai

Colour Schemes, of course are extremely powerful. The ever-popular black and white scheme can be overpowering in a bedroom; but using a mix of lines, geometric designs, freeflowing forms, textural variations, cushions, curtains and lighting - even a strong colour scheme can be adapted to a beautiful bedroom decor. Red and white, grey and canary yellow, lime green and walnut are other popular choices.

All in all, one can see a lot of variety in decor styles chosen for bedrooms. Because of its highly intimate nature, this space is usually strongly governed by the occupants' choices and shaped by the designers' skills and interpretations of the needs and aspirations. Here we presented few of the stunning bedrooms uploaded by TFOD members! For more bedroom pics you could check out: http://www.tfod.in/photos-design-spaces/bedroom-and-guestroom/




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