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Best Decor Ideas for Rented Homes - II

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on September 20, 2014 at 08:14 PM

In the second part of the feature on decor ideas for rented homes, here come a few more simple decorating tricks that will make you enjoy the rented space - without annoying your landlord! Sonali Shah, one of TFOD's earliest patrons excels in home decors! The images here are from her work; not necessarily of rented spaces - but of home decor ideas that you could adapt to your rented space!

© Courtesy of TFOD Member Sonali Shah

We previously spoke at great length about the rapid shift of today’s youth from being dependants to settling into their own spaces, rented or otherwise. With this decision of moving into a rented home, come great responsibilities. Bills and chores notwithstanding, the necessity to make the house more personal and attuned to the user’s tastes and likes is often more crucial than one might think. It’s often a home away from home, and thus needs to feel as one - creating a perfect alcove like space that is not only comfortable to live in, but also emotionally responsive to the user’s needs. And though we spoke about various ways in which one could remedy the situation of turning the rental into a more personal space (such as investing in decent furniture, and using wallpaper effectively) here are a couple more pointers that one can use to their advantage when moving into a space, that they often can’t think of calling their own...

1. Use Art Extensively

One of the easiest and most inexpensive way to personalize your rental is to use your blank walls as your art gallery. Either frame a large art piece and make it the central focal point of your new home, or create a photo montage of memories that make the space seem more intimate. Either can be deftly removed when one plans to pack up and move again, and at the same time, adds a hugely personal touch, and a sort of temporary permanence to the setup.

2. Drape your way around problem areas

Don’t think that you have the budget or the permission to paint your walls, or even wallpaper them? There’s a solution for everything. Use curtains, or drapes to cleverly hide patches and dull walls, when everything else fails. A floor-to-ceiling drape will work just like an accent wall. Sonali's use of sheer curtains and wall-art both are inspiring ideas.

3. A rug a certain way, keeps the problems at bay.

Most home owners know the problem of bad, ugly floors. Not everyone is blessed with marble flooring, or the luxury of a hardwood floor. Tiles are usually what you get - and you are lucky if they are good ones! And luckier if they match the walls! One great idea is to pick up a stylish area rug to add to a focus area on the floor. Believe me, a bold rug will not only cover up the imperfections, but will also divert attention from other sore spots! What's more, the pop of colour will spruce up the entire decor. Chhose it wisely, though. It should match with the other decor elements... Like Sonali does here - white on white - and a wow factor is in!

4. Use Your Bed as a Focal Point

Your bed is for more than just sleeping. It should also function as a focal point of your room, especially when you’re renting a studio or a room in a shared house, where you don’t have a lot of options. One of the easiest and quickest ways to decorate a bed is to add a headboard, or spruce them up with a series of colourful cushions. This helps make the bed into a makeshift sofa when you have guests over, and adds life to your room. Additionally, you can use bright-colored bedding to let your bed stand out. However, that doesn’t mean your bedding has to look dramatic all the time. Sometimes, a simple white sheet and comforter with some vibrant accent pillows will make a bedroom look homier. The aubergine highlights in a primarily white space kcik it up.


5. Plan your space and Plant your way to happiness

Oh yes, you could start with organizing the space! Design a good cabinet - which is a great space-saving idea. Like this amazing unit that fits in beautifully into the space and the scheme! Another excellent idea is to dot some corners with potted plants. Plants add bursts of freshness and colour, and also improve the air quality. Of course if you travel much and don’t have the time or the skill to be a home gardener - don’t fret. Try plants with minimum maintenance like cacti, or just put fresh flowers in a vase every day.

Follow these tips, and make what you don’t own a part of who you are right away. These simple decorating tricks will make your rental feel homier without annoying your landlord. That means you don't have to worry about losing your security deposit, or finding a new home in the middle of the month. Now isn’t that a sound deal?

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