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Projects for Communal Harmony
India is fighting a long-standing battle against communal disharmony particularly between the Hindus and the Muslims. But ask the people of both religions dwelling in a single settlement; and they are usually content in coexistence. There is underlying tension, of course; but it is more an outcome of preconditioned social understanding rather than of interpersonal hatred. The first of its kind program in Ahmedabad of upgrading the lives of the children of the settlement in Ram- Rahim Tekro through a community learning center is a concept that can and should be replicated in the numerous similar settlements across the country. As the name suggests, this settlement has several socially underprivileged people from both communities; and has two religious structures from these two communities - a Ram temple and a Dargah, standing side-by-side. Architect Hiren Patel of HPA has conceived and executed a piece of world-class architecture in seemingly inhuman surroundings; an effort that has the power to change the future of the community.
As architects we always think about social harmony in society which is hard to acheive in design, rather educating them their benifits of their co existance in society.
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