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Nair House

The house was to be conceived as a pre-engineered structure keeping in mind the vagaries of local building labor. This approach minimizes damage to the site's ecology and simultaneously reduces the duration of construction. The slope of our site allowed for the house to step down, while the south and east faces opened to the vistas of the picturesque coffee plantations around the valley. We wanted to optimize on the intake of sun light by virtue of the form of the roof, in response to the climate of Coonoor.

Exterior / Facade

The roof was envisioned to be a large continuous skin covering the length of the house (which steps down in section) and opens to the low winter sun on the south side and views of the valley on the east. The form of this pre tensioned roof emerges from the ground on the other two sides, creating a cocoon-like experience. During the monsoon, the run


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