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Captain Sam's

A project which has taught us to pay regard to what exists in a space connected to a name. For it is the want for identity and that sentiment to retain the old and yet able to embrace the new that drives many. Regeneration is a process whose actual translation is lost or ignored. It has come to a point where focus lies more on the end than from where to generate and what to retain. It is this scenario that we were presented with when we were to take on a complete image overhaul of the already well established F&B brand named Uncle sams which has served people for over almost a decade..... with an unimaginably large customer base, it became very evident it was extremely important that a connect be formed between the new and the old, to avoid the formidable disconnect that happens when brands change their image. The solution, to identify a very prevalent material in the existing interiors which formed the character of the outlet and use it as a base for the new interiors, the result a familiar name with a familiar material , with a unique form of application translating into an interiors which would usher the brand forward assisting it to prevail further. Developed on the lines rustic industrial interiors, it had to be somehow a well balanced mix of elements that are roaring symbols of the timelines they belong to. Hence the choice to use 1. Wood (pine panelling extensively used in the parent outlet) 2. Exposed brickwork 3. Concrete 4. The industrial container

The container wall

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