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Quote : Less is more…… As you walk Into the high end locality of vadodara city, you come across a building telling story of its own. The feel of abundance of space and minimalistic construction was the main approach . An interesting play of light and shadow , colour and texture are created in different manner in the whole pant house. The interior of house has been thought of with keeping in mind the vision game. A humble play of arranging translucent partitions were done in a way that it gives the feeling of single unit yet with a private expanses. It was designed as in extension of overlapping straight and perpendicular grid. A concept of vastness is created in a way that one forgets the line of inside and outside conveniently. Maximum openings are given for abundant natural lights and wind to come inside. Massing of objects, design of gazebo follows the concept of contrasting shade of lights and dark which define the space. While you ask the genesis of design, designer yatin and jiten communicated that the brief called for a feeling of amalgamation of different types of spaces. Different vision games are integrated in the house according to the client’s brief. A liner passage is designed in such a way that eye can be maintained on every activity of he house. Every space connects with the nature out side as demanded by the client. The living room is visually connected with kitchen which in turn service table that it doubles as work area and linearly connect to the bedroo




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