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5 Element House

Famous for its captivating vistas, Pavana is as much a getaway as it is a pristine landscape – landlocked by the Sahyadris, crowned and guarded by three forts. The lake, a man-made marvel, held back and contained by a towering dam plays host to a wide gamut of activities throughout the year – an emerging hotspot for tourists and nature lovers alike. The family of four sought to discover a weekend retreat as well as a reprieve from the bustling life of the city, and hence ventured out in search of a tract of land that would not only capture the essence of the place but could also inspire, delight and satiate their creative endeavors. Snaking its way up a steep slope riddled with hairpin bends that overlook the range, the site rests as a proud marker – evocative and majestic, overlooking the shimmering lake in the distance. The house on top of the hill, reminiscent of the forts in the horizon, revels in its ability to become one with the land and is a pure reflection of the realm that surrounds it. Conceived as a home for friends as much as it was a home for family, the 5 Element House is a place for celebrating life itself.

View from the Verandah

Master Block and Swimming Pool


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