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Jazz Billet

Many individuals don’t just see their residential spaces as a place to live, but also a place to invite conversations and make memories. In these regards, 1101, a residence designed by Envisage, stands out as a space that is crafted to reflect the warmth and hospitality of the homeowners. The design brief for this project was simply to create an aesthetically pleasing home which had all the primary functions of a residence. However, through a series of interactions with the clients, it became vital to ensure that their personality is reflected as whole throughout the expanse of this residence. It became necessary to augment a warm ambience throughout the space, with multiple seating options. The residence, spread out over 2600 ft., takes its design inspiration from a muted style of Art Deco, adding drama and flamboyance with strong geometric lines and a golden flair to the entire space.

Bar and Living Room

Bar and Living Room


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