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Space Types


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An aisle is a space for walking with rows of seats on both sides or with rows of seats on one side and a wall on the other. Aisles are typically seen in churches, cathedrals, synagogues, banquet halls, prayer/meeting halls, parliaments and legislatures, courtrooms, auditoriums and movie theatres.
Aisles can also be seen in shops, warehouses, and factories, where rather than seats, they have shelving to either side. In warehouses and factories, aisles may consist of storage pallets, and in factories, aisles may separate work areas. In gymnasiums and health clubs, all the exercise equipment is normally arranged in aisles for the convenience of the users.

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      Human Sculpture
      Dipen Gada
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      Inner space
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      Titan Pavilion
      Lalita Tharani
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      Furniture Showroom
      Lalita Tharani
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      CotSilk- Peacock Beauty
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