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An operation theater, also known as an operating theatre or operating room, is a facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in a sterile environment.
Operating rooms are spacious, easy to clean, and well-lit, typically with overhead surgical lights, and may have viewing screens and monitors. Operating rooms are generally windowless and have controlled temperature and humidity. Special air handlers filter the air and maintain a slightly elevated pressure. Electricity support has backup systems in case of a black-out. Rooms are supplied with wall suction, oxygen, and possibly other, anesthetic gases. Key equipment consists of the operating table and the anesthesia cart. In addition, there are tables to set up instruments. There is storage space for common surgical supplies. There are containers for disposables. Outside the operating room is a dedicated scrubbing area that is used by surgeons, anesthetists, assistant doctors and nurses prior to surgery.
Operating rooms are placed in a distinct area, within a health-care facility; as usually only authorized personnel have access. Besides the operating rooms and their wash rooms and restrooms, there are preparation and recovery rooms, storage and cleaning facilities, offices, and possibly other supportive units.

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      Operation Theater
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