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Artists and artisans embellish the design industry. In fact, it could be said that the design industry is not quite complete without them. Whether as independent works of art and crafts, or in using the specific skill in the built environment, their creations add value to the human living and working environments. Welcome to The Future of Design – a place where art and design meet and are taken to the world beyond… Artists and artisans can register in any (one or more) of the categories as applicable. They can create their own Profile and upload images (up to 400) of their work.

  • Art Installation ...
    India | Uttar Pradesh | Meerut

    My work is creative art in stone, Fiber, matel, wood, & Clay....Read More  »

    2071   12
  • Art Installation ...

    SilverD is a highly awarded design solution studio founded in 1999 in India. It is a full service design studio, dedicated to creative problem solving...Read More  »

    889   7
  • Painting ...

    Hii!! I am visual artist, freelancer and commission artist, I am passionate about making an creative work and play with colors to make an offbeat artw...Read More  »

    705   3
  • Murals ...

    Freelance artist based in Mumbai with 2+ years experience in wall art, wall murals, canvas paintings, charcoal sketches...Read More  »

    1709   32
  • Sketching
    848   1
  • Art Installation ...
    India | Tamil Nadu

    Im an Artist & Mobile Photographer by Passion and Interior Designer by Profession. I do customized artworks like PencilPortraits, Pen & Ink Doodles ...Read More  »

    11126   60
  • Sculpture ...

    Working as a creative graphic designer and 3D artist at Proglobalbusinesssolutions, a professional graphic design outsourcing company providing variou...Read More  »

    7273   13
  • Fabric Art ...

    Passionate,curious,active learner,always starve for knowledge and skills,obedient,cheerful,well educated,,peace loving,friendly,.......Read More  »

    1247   1
  • Art Installation ...
    India | Delhi

    Dr. Meenu Kumar , an art curator,art critic & artist holds doctorate degree in Multimedia & has authored many books on art and Multimedia . Her creati...Read More  »

    1861   5
  • Sculpture
    India | Karnataka | Bangalore

    Creative graphic designer and 3D artist at WinBizSolutions, a professional 3d designing outsourcing company offering 3d design solutions including mod...Read More  »

    6594   6