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The field of interior design is increasingly getting fractionalized by further specializations. Though still a much lesser known field at least in India, colour consultants can actually help to create the mood you desire in your living or working space. They also have a pulse of the current popular colours and can offer insights into the future trends.

However colour consultants usually don’t have formal training. They could be from the field of paint technology or décor styling – and have an innate flair for choosing the right colours based on needs and choices; and most importantly on the users’ personality. Therefore the colour palette gets determined – as bold, quiet, neutral, or bright.

Often paint showrooms have colour consultants on their staff; who may come and look around the site for a better understanding of the space and the elements that will affect a person’s perception of it. So the layout, the furniture styling and placement and position of windows and doors – all help in choosing the colour scheme. Natural light is the most critical factor that impacts the look of a colour; therefore it is advisable to predetermine what type of light (sunlight or artificial lighting) the particular space is going to be most often used with. Based on this factor, the colour consultant can also decide the time of his site visit.