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Rahul Kadri

Owner at IM Kadri Architects
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Area: 3,38,560 Sq.ft. Location: New Delhi Number of Rooms: 350 The Taj Mansingh in Delhi was built to reflect the character of the capital city in all its grandeur. We incorporated elements of the Moghul era to add majesty and splendour to this five-star hotel. Colours like red, white and blue were used in the décor of the lobby and the rooms to further enhance the feeling of a bygone era. For the Moghuls, white denoted the sanctity of life, red the pomp and pageantry, and blue the purity and chastity of the morning sun. White ceramic was used for the dome and the interiors of the lobby, along with gold lining and blue and red. Five such domes were created, each one of which left visitors increasingly spellbound – this kind of artwork is rare to find in modern India. Railings of Jaali-work made out of marble, were added to the stairway to add to the richness of the lobby. With this final stroke the full extent of the magnificence of 19th century living was brought to the fore at the Taj Mansingh.

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      Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi