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ArtCollective was founded to make art sourcing simple for interior designers and architects across India. Read more: www.artcollective.com Call +91 97417 20001 or send an email to info@artcollective.com

Maharashtra , India
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ArtCollective was founded to help homeowners, interior designers, and architects find, select and acquire beautiful art to complement their spaces while reducing cost. Our highly experienced curators - senior artists and gallery owners - have carefully sifted through thousands of artworks and artists from all over the country to feature only the very best in our collection. An initiative of Mahua Art Gallery, ArtCollective features artists recommended by curators with over two decades of experience in Indian art. Only one in twenty artists is selected to be a member of ArtCollective. For more information - visit www.artcollective.com

Bengaluru , Karnataka , India
344/8, 4th Main Road, Sadashivnagar, Bangalore, India 560080