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Christmas DIY Decor Ideas: on TFOD

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on December 24, 2015 at 04:02 PM

‘Tis the season…yeah! And, we simply have to go with it, can’t miss the party. Winter, December, Christmas, snow, holidays, greetings, celebrations, cheer, red, green and white! Yes, that sets the tone for this time of the year and all of us want to join in and celebrate, irrespective of where or who we are. We all want Christmas trees and baubles to be dotting our décor, kids demand their rightful share of Santa’s spoils and well, us poor Mumbai-ites who are denied even a decent winter would love snowf(l)akes to descend on our more than cosy living rooms. Décor goes a long way, for sure, in setting the mood and décor is also all about creativity and DIY. So, here’s what was gathered on a quick tour of the internet, a hunt for winter and Christmas décor ideas, which are winners for being simultaneously fab and simple DIY. 

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Images: 1 & 2

Alright, it’s time to perfect our paper cutting skills for the snowflakes to grace our homes, so bring out all the white, silver, frost blue, even gold papers and fold them up small or big and cut intricate patterns to reveal fabulous snowflakes on unfolding. Hang these up solo or in clusters as chandeliers to create that snowy décor. But, the most innovative snowflake was the one used as the placemat below the see-through glassware on the dining table - truly a cool and simple idea! Or, if you are willing to put in some elaborate hardwork then go ahead and create a snow world complete with paper icicles.

Images: 3 & 4

If you don’t fancy paper snowflakes or are looking for fresher ideas - just let your imagination on the loose… you can use white painted candy sticks, or ear buds covered in sparkle. Like these brilliant lighted snowflakes made of plastic casing and capping that is used to conceal electrical wires. Even the ones which are delicately hand painted on to drink glasses look really pretty.

Image: 5

And the dining room/table being the centre of attention of all the Christmas festivities, is also quite the focus of the decor! A stylish, smartly picked up items complementing each other in a red-white-green themed decor livens up the mood for a cosy family and friends gathering!

Images: 6 & 7

Twigs seem to be the most essential and self-sufficing décor accessory for this season. Just reflect on how a group of bare leafless twigs planted in white pots placed around a fireplace and laden with fairy lights are so utterly winter, and Christmas! Imagine even one of them in your living room, even without a fireplace, just coupled with a little toy Santa or at the bottom or red mittens hung up and – Voila! You’ve brought home the season!!These twigs weave even more magic when planted in a row of plain glasses filled with salt…yes, less is more, indeed. This idea is almost minimalist Nirvana.

Images: 8-11

Glass jars are the other essential accessory for this season’s décor DIY ideas. We can line them up with Epsom salt to create the frosting or take frosted glass jars and place lights inside. Candles, Gift boxes, Tree decoration baubles and Wreaths are few other must-have items offering loads of opportunities for innovation. Like this red and green bakeware with rangoli- styled snowflake motifs painted in white (image:9) – made by an US-based Indian electronic engineer Sampada Kodagali Agarwal! Adding a touch of traditional Indian, and yet gelling with the festive season…these are sure winners!

Image: 12

And, hope you haven’t disposed of the Santa caps collected last season by different members of the family, for they make excellent chair back covers to go with Christmas décor. Of course the wonderful red ribbon tied up in a bow over pure white back covers is an all-time favourite!

Image: 13

And, what’s a winter theme without a snowman? These can be made in myriad ways; again jars come in handy to dress up as snowmen, and with a light source inside would make adorable snowmen lamps. This charming one here is made with spherically arranged paper cups and could also be lit up with a bulb placed inside to make a glowing snowman. 

Images: 14 & 15

Then you have reindeer, so very winter and Christmas, a couple of rope-crafted pieces  can add a funky touch to a console or a book-shelf! And of course the usual linen and upholstery can also be replaced by one that goes with the mood of the festive season, like these cushion covers with a very Christmasy feel!

Of course, there is an artist in each one of us waiting to be expressed, and home and festive décor is simply the most opportune canvas for that expression. So, what are you waiting for? Get going, unleash your imagination, decorate your space and spread the cheer! Happy holidays to all from TFOD - The Future Of Design!!

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