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JMA Studio: by Jagdish Mistry & Associates

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on February 10, 2016 at 05:38 PM

© Courtesy of JMA

A practice established in 1986, soon after Jagdish Mistry graduated as an architect from Mumbai University, JMA has seen an abundantly successful professional run in the three decades since. With a portfolio covering architectural and interior design for residential and commercial premises along with other services like colour consultancy, MEP, PMC and sustainable LEED compatible solutions, they have established their mark among the foremost Indian practices through superior professional competence and reliability and have also bagged some highly coveted awards. Jagdish Mistry and Associates recently acquired and moved into a new, larger workplace and studio at Chandivali, Mumbai, sharing it with their sister concern, NEKI group which deals in architectural hardware products.  Having delivered quality design solutions to prestigious individual and institutional clients, small and large showrooms and corporate offices over the years, the design of their own new studio, promised to be spectacular. Here's a peek into the JMA Studio...

A sunny vibrancy in the dominant sweep of chrome yellow mixed with a perky zest in the accompanying lime green are the first impressions of the JMA office, and also the most lasting ones. This colourful energy is further complimented by the frosted glass that envelopes each workstation in the central area, like chilling an already heady cocktail with a dash of ice! It’s clear the workforce is expected to be energetic, enthusiastic and totally chilled about their work at JMA, which has always rooted all its office interior designs in the belief that a comfortable, sensitive and invigorating space results in a more productive workforce.

While bright colours have been used to pep up the place, the scheme essentially uses clean, straight lines to define all its spaces covering 2700 sq ft of carpet area. The calm and inviting Japanese touch of tall, green palms and slatted wooden counter against the signature yellow wall of the security post at the entrance leads to a brightly lit reception foyer and display area for the hardware products of NEKI group. This opens out directly onto the central area housing the workstations with half height frosted glass panels covering and partitioning them. This central space, helped by a higher ceiling than the rest of the facilities, has a pronounced larger volume. 

All the facilities including four directors’ cabins, studio, conference room, marketing division, accounts and administration, and lunch room with pantry as well as anteroom with restrooms are laid out around this central area. Glass partitions have been used with custom designed glass films marking each facility or cabin. Some more colours gain entry inside the design studio by way of the wall storage design on an otherwise clean white wall colour and furniture scheme. The large central common work table concept with chairs on either side helps to create the bonding and camaraderie required between members of the design team. The eight to nine seater conference room is again done in a perky yet cool lime green theme with a woody table top.

All the four directors’ cabins, though laced with the same yellow, lime green, white and wood theme, have been detailed in four different styles ranging from the colonial to the contemporary. The one in colonial décor has ornately carved polished wood framed chairs with upholstery in theme colours, arabesque and floral motifs printed on the pretty cushions and soft furnishings and even classically inlaid onto a single edge of the director’s table. 

While all three other cabins are provided with typical contemporary corporate furniture like sleek, ergonomic swivel chairs exclusively upholstered in theme colours paired with woody table tops, fine detailing differentiates one from the other. While one of the cabins sports a minimalist sofa in the waiting area coupled with straight lined minimalist wooden table and storage, another has retro printed graphic cushions and a theme-coloured steel and wood framework perking up a predominantly white canvas.

The practical choices of materials made for this office décor reflect eco-sensitivity and sustenance combined with functional relevance, particularly for the flooring. While high end Italian marble jazzes up the high visibility reception, central and lobby areas; engineered and laminated wooden flooring has been chosen for the cabins and studio for a ‘green’ enjoyment of the elegance of wood, and acoustic considerations lead to the choice of carpeting for the conference, administration and accounts section floors.

In a scheme that displays an exceptional balance between vibrancy and sobriety, simplicity and sophistication, grandeur and green concerns, it is the finer details that warm up to the heart. Be they the perkily coloured bar stools in the neatly appointed pantry, the elaborate shoe storage tucked away into the entrance wall, the amply provided umbrella rack in the reception, the dainty flower vases and artefacts dotting every space, the attractive washrooms, or the exclusive ante-chamber, they all speak of the meticulous planning and caring thought invested in the design. Yes, and the same meticulousness and care can be expected in their professional design services by every potential client visiting this vibrant JMA premises.

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