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Cushy Cocoon: Residential Interiors by Kavan Shah Design Studio

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on July 07, 2018 at 03:27 PM

© Courtesy of Kavan Shah Design Studio, Mumbai

If interior architecture is all about creatively using an understanding of space and a knowledge of materials and colours to whip up the desired ambiance and functionality, TFOD is all about presenting that magical talent by showcasing works of talented designers on its specifically crafted stage for the world to see and take note. Today’s feature is about one such upcoming talent in Mumbai, a practice by the name of Kavan Shah Design Studio, who are steadily building up a portfolio of projects with a refreshing spin to the approach. This is an upscale four bedroom apartment in Mumbai for which Kavan and his team have designed the interiors.

This apartment at The Prisma is spread over 3200 sq ft of area on a single floor agglomerated by joining a couple of 2 bedroom apartments with mirrored plans. The stated preference of the owners for “delicate elements of luxury in a dark colour palette” has been addressed by the designers with a moderated touch. Care has been taken to maintain a certain robustness in the ‘elements of luxury’ to make them child-friendly and maintenance easy in the long run.

While the elimination of the common wall between two adjacent living rooms creates a large and continuous space for the living and dining areas, it also results in a continuous glazed window throughout the length of the space. Having thus opened up a large living space, The monolithic singular plane of the ceiling further enhances the feeling of unbroken or undivided space. 

© Courtesy of KSDS, Mumbai

The designers have proceeded to treat the space in a manner which is at once refreshingly innovative and comfortably familiar. A cosy entrance lobby appointed with a couple of armchairs negotiates the transition from the modest floor landing into the lavishly spacious living room. Here, in the overarching theme of soft greys, beige and gold, one can feel the warm, comforting vibes of a home populated by a close-knit family. Delicate sheer striped curtains drop from high above the ceiling and fall down to the floor, stretching the entire room length and accentuating it. The opposite wall is treated in contrast with grey, hard exposed concrete which has subtle straight lines of brass inlay running across in various directions to form super-sized geometrical forms. 

A European aura starts slipping in through the beige, gold and dark grey striped wallpaper that clads the end wall which, along with a straight-lined storage mantle, pronounces a formal background for the ornate dining table. The carousel topped black marble dining table itself cuts a regal posture along with its eight richly upholstered chairs and the Italian glass chandelier that occupies the rectangular veneered ceiling panel above.

The ample, roomy and well-cushioned sofas in the living room, with their linen upholstery in solid beige, purple and striped backs look the picture of luxurious comfort when framed against the contrasting background of the brass tinted exposed concrete wall. The large centre table with a single glass sheet topping what appears like a bundle of wood logs, with a matching side table, also underlines the theme of innovation coupled with luxurious simplicity.

The minimal clean-lined storage units finished in antique styled leather and brass, coupled with flowers on their mantle tops and paintings mounted on walls above them add to the European essence of the space. Besides these, the room has just a couple of upholstered armchairs that offer alternative seating with a view by the window-side, leaving the room largely uncluttered and letting the magnificent Italian marble flooring enhance the luxury of space.

© Courtesy of KSDS, Mumbai

The main entrance door is mirrored across the landing to conveniently offer a rear entry into the house near the kitchen. The entrance lobby also leads to a bedroom suite where, thanks to the alignment of doors and the large window at the end, daylight finds its way through and through. The colour scheme inside all the bedrooms continues in various hues of greys and blues, with dark frames around openings and furniture. 

© Courtesy of KSDS, Mumbai

Mantels topped with floral arrangements, wall mounted paintings and poster beds continue to usher in the European theme. An attached workspace to the bedroom or an attached informal seating area complete two bedroom suites along with the attached dressing and bath areas. The children’s bedroom is the only space where there is a burst of bright colours in the delightful timber-roofed multi-activity playpen.

© Courtesy of KSDS, Mumbai

This home for the Setalvad family is a reflection of their warmth and comfortable, well-provided lifestyle articulated by the designers, Kavan Shah Design Studio, with subtlety and nuance. Sobriety and vibrancy, comfort and style, luxury and simplicity have all come together in a well-balanced amalgamation in the designer’s expression of the ideal home.

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