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Juxtaposing Art & Technology: an insight

Posted by
on July 10, 2020 at 03:39 PM

© Courtesy of Van Gogh Alive

Modern art has reinvented itself in many ways over the years. From fabled oils by famous artists, to digitized art today, we have come a long way. The thing that remains unperturbed though, through centuries of change and evolution in art is – expressionism. A mood, or a story, a feeling, or a thought, an excitement or an ache  - 'expressions' of these on paper or canvas, and for that matter, any media - continues to be the underlying note in all artforms. Today, art has taken a new form. In this revolution of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, art has moulded itself to a digital presence in a way that enhances the viewer's experience; reaching out to the inert minds of even a layman.

The question arises, how are these two subjects being juxtaposed to create a whole?


Over time, art and technology have got intertwined with each other beautifully. Groups of like-minded contemporary artists have been collaborating with architects, scientists, engineers, programmers, animators, and mathematicians to create an illustrious panel of work. From life-size installations, to glow-in-the-dark edible installations, to code generated paintings, to laser/3D printed sculptures, this technological twist is proving to be super interesting. 

Let’s take a look at some of the companies over the world which create such artworks.



© Courtesy of TeamLab

TeamLab – a creative collaborative of several professionals aspires to create every thought into reality. Started in 2001, they have set a paradigm in the world of art, through a digital experience medium. They are represented through art galleries throughout the world, in pockets of cities like New York, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo and many more. They believe in creating a multisensory experience through their coming-to-life art installations.

A spire of their beliefs in transforming ideas into life-time and size configurations fitting in spatial syntax of place is creditable. They have temporary as well as permanent installations in many centers, galleries, halls in many cities across the world. Some of the concepts they have followed, are – digitized nature, relationships among people, transcending boundaries, body immersive, collaborative creation, time continuity, light sculpture, digitized city and many more throughout the span of the decades.  

One of their most notable works is the project Future Park which is a world of co creation for children, a space where children can learn inclusively & interactively. Their art creations are projected onto the space around it making them come to life. This becomes a platform where art is valued and appreciated all over. Their creations continue to amaze and inspire.


© Courtesy of TeamLab

CultureSpaces - Originally founded in 1990 by Bruno Monnier, as a management for art centers, museums and monuments, Culture Spaces was recognized for its work in digital art media in 2012. They are one of the pioneer companies in curating immersive experiences of digital art. They introduce digital images paired with music into centers which creates a life-size experience to the users coming there. Some of their works in sites are Enlightenment Bunker, Korea; Atelier des Lumeries in Paris and many more. They will soon be opening the largest digital art centre in the world – The Basins of Light in 2020.  Most of their temporary exhibitions take place yearly, in the museums of Paris.

One of their most famous work that got appreciation throughout was last year in 2019, when they brought Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings to life! Imagine an experience, where you are surrounded by walls and floors that bring ‘The Starry Night’ to life?

This experiment was delivered with finesse and grace. It was a multisensory experience of harmonious melodies, and visually transporting the visitor into the iconic paintings of the legendary artist. It was their aim to create an immersive experience through this dynamic and emotional approach to art.

© Courtesy of Culture Spaces

Tom Wolfe Productions - This endeavour came up through a merging of Wolfe's passions of art and food production. He too creates a sensory intertwining with an array of emotions to evoke memories by relation of art to time and place. He draws parallels of art, food and culture bringing together some of his notably famous works. He has created food art piñata’s, inside-the-cake installations, deconstruction of food and more.

The company has spread its wings into creative food catering, food fashion, food styling and art direction - carving for themselves a unique niche of a brilliant amalgamation of different elements to create unique art experiences!



© Courtesy of Tom Wolfe Productions

WHITEVoid - This art and design studio, based in Berlin comprises a team of people aiming to transform a space from a white/ plain wall into an experience by using art, technical innovations and, most importantly, human touch. Their work span ranges from large scale installations, to interior design to architecturally transforming spaces. They curate the entire program for the experiences directly relating to the user. The founder of WHITEVoid - Christopher is a light artist, media designer, visionary and inventor. With his team of artists, engineers, designers and architects, he creates these symphonies of elements.

Some of their most intriguing works are The Invisible Kitchen, Polygon Playground, Space Frame, and Digital Fire!


© Courtesy of 'Breaking Ice' by WHITEVoid

Breakfast - Founded in 2009, this firm focuses on creating software and hardware driven artworks. Their concepts aim at connecting the viewers into far off places, and tell stories about rapidly changing words. Their practice is a blend of computer engineering, design, mechanics, and striking aesthetics that invite the viewer into an all rounded dynamic experience. They have achieved expertise in Kinetic installations. It’s an effort of transforming something still into changing just like our world today, with everything moving fast.

One of their installations – ‘Climate Change Series’ was a kinetically flipping piece which transformed to give out a message. Some other noteworthy kinetic installations are Brixel Mirror, Seismic Echo, Solar Echo, Particle 45, and Blue.  


© Courtesy of 'Awaken' - installation by Breakfast

Some artists are also turning their artworks using systems, and creating algorithms to turn them into a dynamic art – like artist Manolo Naon who creates art by using code. Every piece of art is born through an error in the coding which creates aesthetically pleasing geometric, eye-catching art forms. Another artist is Doug Atiken who ventures into genres of art mingling with films to architecture interventions to make a mesmerizing piece of work. He exhibits in galleries over the world, and also writes many books on his perspectives to life to various things.


© Courtesy of Doug Atiken

Art is an emotion, it is a platform with no boundaries of profession, of thoughts, of methods, of language, of colour or of mediums. It is fluid, it can flow into any form the artist makes. It connects people, without any bias. It can be appreciated and enjoyed by all. The juxtapositioning of art and technology has limitless potential, waiting to be explored by the new generation of tech-savvy artists! Let's all wait and watch this exciting field evolve...!

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