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hi my name is nikita and i need one help ... i wanna know what should i do affter 2nd yr. certificated course of interior designing
I m slightly confused whether I should do my third year in certificate course or vm course or do my internship or I should do my internship plus my third yr. or vm with internship .... I m totally confused help me out please
Hi Nikita... You haven't given adequate details about your course, nor have you created a Profile on TFOD where we can see your work. Therefore it will be extremely difficult to give you good advice!
First complete your study and get knowledge about interiors.Share your design idea online and starts doing local or small projects.
HI Nikita, You should do 2nd yr. certificated course of interior designing. because career growth in interior designing in very high. For More Career advice visit: https:www.sevenmentor.cominterior-design-courses-in-pune.php
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