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6 Discussions in Sustainable Design
Desire Sourcing Hub Private Limited commented: The 37th CIFF will be enlarged to the scale of 750,000 sqm to accommodate more than 4000 exhibitors from over 32 countries and districts and professional visitors from over 190 different countries. The first phase will take place from 18th-21st March at China Import & Export Fair Complex Area A, B and C along with the nearby complex of PWTC Expo as CIFFs Area D. will include exhibits of, home furniture, decor, textiles, outdoor furniture and leisure products. The outdoor and leisure products will be held at the new exhibition complex of PWTC Expo, occupying six halls. CIFF will present soft furnishings, accessories and home textile concepts for both indoor and outdoor living. The second phase due will take place from 28th to 31st March 2016 which will be held at China Import & Export Fair Complex Area A, B and C, and will include exhibits of office, hotel and public furniture, furniture machinery and raw materials. As one of the biggest office and commercial furniture events in the world and the most influential furniture manufactory fair in Asia, CIFF will continue to offer business opportunities and vitality to the development of the furniture industry. Both March phases will take place in Pazhou, Guangzhou. China International Furniture Fair 2016 (CIFF) Meet our representatives at China International Furniture Fair 2016 (CIFF) & we will help you source the right products for your project. Schedule an Appointment www.sourcinghub.in or call us on +919898033999 http:eepurl.combQjDAP
Prawal Potnis commented: Americans woke up to a rude shock that something called Whatsapp was sold for a staggering 19b. Whatsapp which failed to pick up in the USA spread across Asia and other regions sheer by way of mouth publicity and great utility it provided against exorbitant Messaging charges by mobile operators. Technically though actual cost of messaging was far less than a mobile voice call, operators minted money by disproportionately charging messaging on mobile. Whatsapp put an abrupt and unforeseen end to messaging charges and in turn spread like a wildfire. Of course, it provided a great stimulus to Art, Architecture and Design fraternity. It also provided great value as it enabled users to freely share text, photos and even videos. Today Whatsapp rules the world of mobile users while other similar apps like Viber, Wechat are left far behind. This sale however highlights a paradigm shift in focus and location of growth as such. Earlier USA dominated and symbolized the word Growth and gained fame as The Land of opportunity. Due to high per capita income and its liberal consumer base attracted growth of business. Whatsapp deal however hinges on the database and opportunity to reach 450 million users mostly outside USA. Clearly denoting the fact that these earlier neglected markets are the growth centres today. Clearly in present economic scenario the BRIC countries dominate and are actually supporting the economic stability in the midst of European hardships and US uncertainties. With Facebook at the helm we can certainly expect that Whatsapp will reach millions more and enable users free connectivity across the globe.