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Architect, Interior Designer

ELYSIUM, Kotak's residence

This high end residence is the dwelling for a family consisting of 3 generations. Though the plot admeasured @42,000 sft. the brief was to have a logically designed house that was functional to the core with no wastages of spaces, bearing contemporary concept and a design that was climate conscious and meant for the members of the family and not for visitors. Our concept revolved around bisecting the plot into public and private space. This line on paper was symbolic of a statement basalt stone wall that symbolizes ‘privacy beyond’. Three blocks representing public (formal) space, entertainment /family space and the Home (private) space were juxtaposed to allow enough privacy to the private lawns with swimming pool, giving easy access to lawns from family space & private spaces but no vision from formal spaces. This composition allowed south west winds to cool over mist fourntain in a waterbody. This cooled air blows thru the central double heighted entrance lounge & the central landscape zone. Detail highlight was a 30’ wide & 22’ tall fince & equally deep pergolaid façade with a double layered steel jali with sandwiched steel mosquito net that achieved @60% visibility with @ 60% sun radiation reduction from west facing façade. Our aesthetics follow functionality hence no false facades or elements are ever used. As our architectural and interior work is synced and thought as ONE we can’t define where one ends and the other starts.

central lounge

well lit & ventilated central core lounge with landscape, well detailed stone work & minimalistic decor