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Nirmalyam Bungalow In Kerala

The 30,000 Sq.Ft. plot, nestled in the serene interiors of Kerala was designed to be home for an NRI family. Breaking away from the norm of being a contemporary structure, Nirmalyam borrows its appearance from the transitional characteristics of the surrounding development and the traditional architecture style of Kerala. The rear end of the plot has varied plantations ranging from coffee plants to huge jackfruit and coconut trees. Ensuring the need for privacy for the residents and the need for seamless transitional space from the ethereal outdoors to the indoor built environment drove the primary design zoning. The dining area next to the double height living room leads to the semi open zone of the house where a parametric seating ties both the spaces together thus blurring the lines between the contrast environments. The house consists of four bedrooms, common living spaces and recreational areas. Small alcoves have been provided on both levels continuing with the brief given by the residents as to their need for serene spaces where one can kick back with a book or meditate. This house being a vacation home for the family, the need for relaxation and serenity has been the theme followed throughout the design.

Front Facade Photograph

Front Facade Photograph


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