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Cliff House

Nestled in a remote Hill in Indapur, Maharashtra, this 12,000 sq.ft House resonates the personality of the clients; An emulsion of traditional and contemporary values and ideas. The house is divided in 4 basic quadrants – Water, Fire, Earth, Air and the center being space. The Entrance is from the Water quadrant in North East of the site flanked by a massive perforated wall which filters the harsh sunlight during the daytime and acts as a background for the temple area. The entrance otla is re-imagined as a contemporary lounge space with a large roof overhang. The central courtyard forms the focal point of the plan and all rooms are planned to overlook the passive activities in the central zone. The bedrooms have intimate courtyards overlooking the cliff. The entertainment and the pool have a view of the Sahyadris from the cliff creating a dramatic frame.

Entrance View



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